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Matt & Mindi: 'We'll find out if Bills game was tease or not'



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Wed, 10 Oct 2012|

Matt & Mindi close the book on the 'Alex Smith's finger' story, look ahead to the showdown with the Giants, and address Brandon Jacobs' growing frustration.


Machine Generated Transcript

Cameo and coming back here at the 49ers training facility Wednesday afternoon and we just thought Alex Smith blocked out. Sprained middle finger and tape to be able to threaten to the picture of it I still think he's asked BC news happens is -- Yeah you know laugh at me through the years some should there's a lot of good a lot of people if you'd like to show that middle finger to he's he's avoided at all he's done is just kept his head -- kept playing football and and now he's at this point. With the 49ers rookies. Number one rated passer in the game going into. A penalties -- huge game. -- they'll be a lot of national attention on it because it's a rematch of the NFC championship game but I think with the 49ers. Their key games upcoming January. And they're go in the playoffs. Whether the Giants will be there with them or not I don't know a little bit tougher road I think for the Giants to get there. But. He he's put himself he's but the team in a pretty good position and right now I'm playing very good football. There is the team knows that Alex is at himself yes it is a big game understands that that you can't. Look at last year two different teams came look at last week and offensive numbers they put on act he's a different matchups this week different defense did he -- -- He really is keeping the focus just on hated the game one game on sixteen game schedule that he does realize the importance that it. Talk about national attention I mean just today USA today in New York Times everyone here. Asking about Alex Smith what has -- his turnaround they're probably a little bit farther behind of the story than than we are the people in the Bay Area that -- watching Alex. Develop that mean that's where he is now he's the the NFL's leading passers as far as quarterback rating and that's something to be said he considered just for it was two years ago. Yeah -- illness -- a lot of them. The turn around of course was was last year but he never put up the stats he was never. You know that these top rated passer he's never throwing for 300 yards -- a win like he did. On Sunday against the Buffalo Bills it again against the bills and we'll see if that's guilty as the tees or this really. Is what this offense is all about them. No one's gonna expect him to throw for three yards and rush for 300 yards in the game ever again because it's only happened once and now Sunday when the foreigners -- -- the bills. And beat them up pretty good but. I think what they have to be is 88 balance team in the sense that. Win their plays to be made and we saw that the Jets come up. And and -- that the receivers we saw the bills did the same thing to have to be able to make plays over the top so that's. What that's gonna be. The challenge for the 49ers on Sunday is to take what's given whether it's the deep ball or whether it's running the ball before we go any further big shout out. To massage -- for sponsoring this portion of the of the mad -- -- indeed. Program whatever we want it Soledad so massage and be in Campbell. Thank. To them as well I -- or neglect that started doing a lot of these. But the one -- you say though it's true Alexander go over the top against the bills -- he had all sorts of time to do that. You look at the giants' defense different last year they were really able to get you Alex is going to be no other restaurant has. That offensive line it needs to be benchmark team for them to see if he ever. Yeah I don't think there's any question I think. I think there's a lot of reasons why that offense wasn't very good last year and -- in the NFC championship game and I think a lot of it had to do with. The Giants have a very good defense that pride and they rush four guys they can get out via. Same way the 49ers like to do it's in the sense that just the overall philosophy don't blitz guys. Don't take away from your coverage if you can get there with four guys and both these teams have been able to do that. But also the players so much better especially at wide receiver. With a guy like Mario Manningham who can get open in short spaces. That'll give Alex Smith's inability that to get rid of the ball quickly if if the rush is coming. Crabtree is better than he's ever been and Vernon Davis playing at a high level and then so the auxiliary players guys that. So it made it hard to imagine -- -- being artillery fire that's what he would -- he and Kyle Williams did in about twenty snaps a game. -- -- This is going to be a very good challenge like I said I -- -- huge team in that. You know it loses games that are not what -- everybody thought they were anything like that. But I think it's it's a good pitch mark came to see where they are exactly as it should be in this is a GPS game and it's gonna show you where they are an offense because. The bills. The bills are a team that should be good they're they have -- being good that defense has been atrocious so. Gotta take it with a grain of salt and move on to the next but the Giants. -- -- -- -- the Super Bowl champions of last season and they can still rain. And the defense for the 49ers especially in the secondary they want their hands -- as well me. We are certainly have seen aggressive -- defensive secondary with Chris Colbert coming on this year I think he's much improved. -- just across the board with the eleven starters coming back at second year exchanges system that there -- to have Victor Cruz. They mainly from the slot now playing mostly on the outside. I he does decent -- still also the -- Ahmad Bradshaw and get right back at just over 200 yards. In his last game I mean hopefully is like this'll be a little tired this week and then what you say Anderson period Eli Manning I mean just it's the three headed monster offensively and they have some other weapons to. -- they do what the other weapons Reuben Randle and he's got it they took a -- second round and he's a player that I know you're putting the mock draft together and all that stuff right out okay 49ers might they take Reuben Randle that. In the first round and they did it in and take it and they take AJ Jenkins. Reuben Randle goes to the Giants who also got David Wilson running back in the first round funny that Giants in the very -- at the same positions but their first two picks. The Giants haven't really gotten too much from Wilson but Randall steps up with a with a good game last week against the Browns six catches for 82 yards for errors haven't been out eating thing. Really that'll mediate things from their rookies and that's a point of consternation for a lot of forty niner fans as there ever -- a team -- his media fell who have been. You know they kept these guys inactive but it's kind of funny you wrote about him on CSN Bay Area dot com on Wednesday. That's the one guy who has played it. Any snaps and all the one rookies played any snaps on offense and. Defense is kind of a surprise the undrafted free Iraqi Garrett Celek at tight and -- an active for the last three games twenty snaps over the last two games he's really got his first game had so yes they did right about that has talked to him about it and he's just going to do anything. Even that position that he came and and they need it there tight end they've left Justin. He'll go the injuries sign him and -- -- -- the competition entry can't take that position where -- DJ -- for Michael James. There. In situations where their positions are stacked so that's that's gonna to go out there and get some. Game time and still curious the only is is Ben Jacobs you know all weeks you know he wants to get out there perform there are some New York writers here on Wednesday. They're talking to Brandon Jacobs and I think he's a guy who. You know kind of feels left out a little bit and and rightfully so obvious -- games of this season hasn't stepped on the field he had the knee injury in the pre season. He was healthy last week although Jim Harbaugh after the fact said not quite ready but he made through a full week of practice. I'm assuming. You Garrett Celek doesn't play special teams that print tickets were active it would be Celek would be bumped down making it no rookies at all. On the 49ers active 46 man roster but. Still kind of curious to see where this offense goes because. I don't know how many -- Brandon Jacobs again with -- with Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter clearly the number one and number two running backs on the team so. You know he's -- Jacobs. You know. Three touches a game kind of guy easy only on those short yardage situations. When he's healthy enough bodies healthy last week and I know he's healthy enough to play but maybe they just didn't feel like they were. We're ready yet to incorporate him in the office -- -- and see how the office. There -- advantages with another guy. Who is while the football. I think then it comes down it is between. I -- an inning Garrett the blocking schemes and we don't get to see that in practice as well so they -- they bring Brandon Jack Jacobs and activate him and not have Garrett. Active for the game and how well -- block -- he know where he needs to be if he doesn't. Get the ball to carry that assists -- decent enough to ones mind is again tomorrow and Thursday here why -- let's do it we'll do another run. That is we can go on forever so as it may get you on what do you know -- -- will take -- so it gets up. To inbox yesterday and or -- because he has and and -- thank you feel and we'll answer some questions on Thursday.

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