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10.18: Q&A with Takeo Spikes



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Tue, 19 Oct 2010|

The 49ers captain explains why there are no gifts on the gridiron.


Machine Generated Transcript

We had a 4949 to bring in our product a conversation subject tonight Takeo Spikes shot I'll get to the raider game -- just a moment great performance yesterday. She can't help but. I'd tell me about this road trip coming up are you gonna take the camera Whitfield for tko TV and -- you're not used to packing for a ten day road trip I gonna go about this. Yeah that's going to be tough yeah. But I think I got -- -- -- -- out. What would you gotta be an -- and Bobby and has experienced traveler OK I you don't wanna walk around -- a lot of banks and worry about a lot of leg so Greg Biffle gonna stop my -- in early. This week. I'm gonna send it out so by the time we get to London everything that I really would need to already beat in a long -- -- Why is -- -- but all the way to London ahead at times or ten day to bring five pairs of underwear tko you'll be set for the ten days. I hope the cart -- -- let me let me -- -- -- let me ask about the -- of the football team because all of a sudden you win one football game like yesterday and now do you think it -- -- cabinet like your owner said that. I'll win the division you go to Carolina had to start. Then you go to Denver got to Denver to go to London to play the Denver Broncos -- tell me about the mood of the football team after breaking through yesterday and finally getting your first win of the year. The -- the team is good and the reason why of course like you see early. We were able to go out there and get a win. And and and and it went down to the last minute we created good field position throughout the game in an event in the big -- doing what we're happy about resisted Baghdad. A lot of guys gaining confidence. And knowing that it came down to the lighting guys had to make plays so. With -- that the mood is very good Iraq right now. That would go to Carolina you'd have to stop that DeAngelo Williams put the great running backs in pro football and his partner. Jonathan Stewart but it can play the rush the way you did yesterday I think you'll be okay at tell me about what you did the Raiders yesterday I was surprised the Raiders. Ran it as much as they did considering they were getting nowhere against you they had the war on a reverse to the wide receiver Louis Murphy but Michael Bush -- completely throttled in twenty attempts for just 47 yards what you guys doing against the Raiders -- game. You know looked up front -- we just went back to the basics. Throughout the week we just understood debt. People are not gonna attack us just straight out playing regular football. I don't know did not gonna do so after the first draft we get to settle down a little bit. They came out with a little trickery. And after that you not feel like every team plays -- True true emotions. From the first probably six minutes of the game after that did you -- at the plate full ball it. We talked about everything -- -- -- -- -- we came -- Tucson are Roger Goodell talked about it and our destiny that's just a reason why we was able to make some adjustments and be successful. And we are gonna talk to Jason Campbell the raider cornerback coming up short -- dedicated again and obviously was the way you guys were able to hold the Raiders out of the end zone when they got inside -- twenty yard line the so called red -- -- twice so that is forty niner defense I know but you have read a little -- when opponents have got insider twentieth past weeks what was the difference. Yesterday when the Raiders got it twice because they felt like it should have been a fourteen nothing -- and not a sex nothing game. Part of it is up to me. And then and then de goes a say it was a belief and try to attack has put it. To be honest with you lose. It was desperation time to -- for us on the defense side of the ball as somewhat single word about I think at times you get so worried about. We need to do this in this area we need to do -- And and and you really don't put enough focus and attention -- don't worry about nobody has put yourself. Not only it could not only has team court defense apart but just as individuals so. We took pride and to get back to doing on the team's. What made you wanna have good -- states is on Monday like last week. And when -- the studio last week you're talking about the plus minus -- -- guys were awful there's just awful minus -- going into the game -- -- David your course two takeaways and did not turn the ball over what they ask you about Manny Lawson interception because watching it live I didn't think he could even catch the football. I mean as a linebacker a big man diving across Zach Miller's face to come away with that football when you watch that back in film study today how good was that Manny Lawson -- yesterday. That many -- in -- that was so good. We've reminded in -- eight times. To tell me every angle. He laid out a full body stressed out it was all hands. It was unbelievable managed just to CA gas. Who split seats are 62 looks like he was seven foot did -- -- going across to has so. Great play by here. They're watching it live I don't challenged us like there's no way he held a football but he pulled it right into his body -- -- caught and it was a very tough interception unlike yours. Which I gotta say -- you played a great game yesterday. But that pick was given do you Jacoby Ford should've caught that slant would've been first on Raiders but it goes off his chest up in the air and you had to give me an -- had to do this this day. It's afterwards against your boy Jason Campbell from Auburn what was that. For the dance you're trying to pull off. Pop percent of them tell them okay first of all the that this is not the Salvation Army so nobody has given that neither of the terrorist. No Matsui when you look on the stats he is does not say when you get a set he came 30 when you get -- is that it was until ball -- the -- I intended. Number three yeah. You really lied today yeah. -- -- -- -- Gonna work with you so you will be able to do today and Kurt Warners are far better dancer that was so you think it and -- and I say you're detail does something better in London nor Jeff. A way to talk to your next Monday when you're Auburn in England are now. Why not why not have tko TV over there and yeah -- so let let's let's let's make a way is to Balentien while we can't talk to each other. Liberia they have BBC tko TV comes back to America I got to congratulate you at your best game and -- to play this year congratulations to your Takeo. -- -- --