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11.29: JAX/SF Postgame- Delanie Walker


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Fri, 18 Oct 2013|

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Did -- -- that in that -- in the off season mean no not really. There's -- -- -- A phase that I can. You know past the point where it. -- you know I'll get excited about catching passes. Getting yards and -- it's fine believe it's -- -- look. And let it. And you can do it and he knows it. Are you doing it in my reason these -- Help this team. Advance to the next level because. Ultimately yeah -- definitely. -- Everything that we do put -- all the time and I'll work and energy that we put into these games out of practice. Weight room. Watching film is -- difficult. So if I get extremely. Excited. When I think about all those things. You know things that I do my teammates. You know it had -- back and just being there. Whenever they mean. -- -- That's you know sometimes you in the game and ultimately. You're gonna get open and moved them. Part of the off. Yeah I mean it's -- each week is it. -- you never know that days. And so that I was here. He's completely case of them old. I answer them number. Got called several times. It was much it's definitely. And make the place so. -- -- -- You for everything you. So it's. More so it's reasonable to think about which was you -- can help this team. -- He. But. -- -- regarded -- victors weren't recruited me going in the numbers being close and didn't. Can't really tell you can't really tell you I just. I just don't work. Growth -- Aspects of the open every time it's business and man. And I just very -- supposed to and -- asked me. -- -- -- -- It was it was always you know just watching them seeing progress has progress. -- He's been our emotional. Place. Expect to come to -- -- camp. Terry -- Q so I can feel his pain in your heart goes out -- but. I'm sure he will definitely affects -- He sees -- he's press office he's he's a playmaker. He says he he -- team going. And he's just one of those guys that. You you you want your team as you know each and every week he's going to get it is always gonna come out of the ball. Restricted my target Delanie Walker -- things pretty good confidence to look at the -- in this growth figures on how have you. In particular but also you know I'm Garrett and bands have you gotten unit and sort of -- -- -- victory in its -- strength on this team. It's business and you -- the votes on the come -- -- the terms -- you. You can't get emotional about it -- to move more and -- Two things. Do everything that coach asks of you. Without that individual programs because and they got them. You never know but you guys you know it won't be here next year so you have to. It just be mindful of that. Because it is it is a bit. This will be the field for almost a year when little. Kids and they do it different ways -- 98 didn't do any. -- a lot of great things here in the field made a lot of plays but. You got I don't feel like it's really a loss because when when new guys come in they feel that -- Guys like things you know you came right. He's creative team. And he's just. He's now that that guy who plays so. If you get caught up into two simple fact that ladies. Who would do you it won't work. Won't work so you have to embrace the new guys and just more. And I have a mindset that we can continue to go alone. -- do great things with the guys that we had.

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  1. as you know each and every week he's going to get it is always gonna come out of the ball. Restricted my target Delanie Walker things pretty good confidence to look at the in this growth figures on how have you. In particular but also you know

  2. up this week you have the Tennessee Titans that means a former teammate gets to say hello are you guys and that's Delanie Walker . What's it going to be like facing a guy who knows you guys amigos are friends you guys win against one another

  3. the Seattle Seahawks practice squad. Early in the season. Before the season even started in fact in the him as a Delanie Walker type of player to have an oversized wide receiver and undersized tight end. So Chris harper is a guy that the foreigners

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  5. just take it easy just to be back gonna need you know you do whatever the coaches exceeded. Your former teammate Delanie Walker catches a pass over the middle he now plays for the Titans. You've got a great shot Adam you're coming out of

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  7. opportunity to get there as well. Genius used that same description virtually walker is Bruce sort of in the end Delanie Walker role at least early in the season. Young tight him. I think so yeah. He's.

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    Delanie Walker used to do a little bit of everything for the 49ers' offense. Through four games this season, that is now Bruce Miller's role.

  9. protocol and is on pace to play in Sunday's game as long he passes the final one which is the contact simulator. When Delanie Walker left is a creates a lot of people wondered how that would affect the forty hours playing time who would compensate

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    Delanie Walker is gone to Tennessee, but the 49ers think they have a player in Chris Harper who is cut from the same cloth.

  13. involved in a party at his house with a former forty Delanie Walker when does the NFL stepped in and decide to sniff around ..... crossbar that was initiated. By all the Smith and Delanie Walker I think the NFL will do something about missing of

  14. Seattle practice squad. But he's not to be used as a wide receiver with the 49ers the 49ers envision him as kind of a Delanie Walker clone a guy who can play. H back and play full back complete can play in the slot and also played wide receiver spot

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    Aldon Smith and Delanie Walker are named in a lawsuit filed Tuesday by a man who was shot at a party the NFL star hosted last year.

  16. for this team. Offense defense. All star when he offensive side of the ball on it's it's got to be you don't Delanie Walker is no longer with the team in ugly Walker's collective Swiss army he did a little everything we did a lot of special

  17. no question that Vernon Davis is 49ers starting tight end of the 49ers have a need for a backup duty of the lots of Delanie Walker in the off season. Well the may have found one that could fill both of those players shoes. Honest meet McDonald

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    MarQueis Grey may be listed on the roster as "SAK", as he seemingly fits the profile of a Swiss army knife - the same term Jim Harbaugh used to describe Delanie Walker .

  20. didn't do a whole lot of blocking. But it really he comes to the 49ers in much better shape in that regard the Delanie Walker was when they drafted him back in 2007 walker was a lot lighter and only played wide receiver. So with the 49ers