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7.18: Rich Walcoff on the future of Derrick Burgess



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Sat, 8 Aug 2009|

Chuck Fisher reports on the Raiders currently suffering from injuries, including Nnamdi Asomugha and Jeff Garcia.


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And then now but -- players including quarterback nominee awesome on quarterback Jeff Garcia sat out the Raiders Friday's practice the first that included full tackle drills. I guess Tom cable called the veterans hip and calf injuries minor more important to cable. Who will start at defensive and with a trade of Derrick Burgess to the Patriots. Chuck Fisher and half but with more. Derrick Burgess takes 38 and a half sacks in four seasons and Oakland with them to new England and that changes absolutely nothing for the Raiders. Missed and one he was never here so. As mentioned before. When we're about it or talk about it with the Derrick Burgess story now officially behind them one of these graders are willing to talk about. Are the young guys up the step in and fill the void left by the two time pro bowler when you do big things this -- you know fill those -- second year defensive end Trevor Scott had five sacks as a rookie. And he said his personal and team goals a lot higher this season. Always double digits and wanna start every game and I and our own when they're division championship and assume -- Trevor is is the real fans there time in and he has. A lot of ability and I -- it's fun to watch the -- in Napa with the Raiders -- Fisher for Comcast sports net. Not much difference in LA that's the elephants got fat and -- the majority of refuge training camp at right defensive end Jay Richardson recovers from offseason knee surgery Ellis is the front runners to start at left end.

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  1. this is organizations Austin. The coaching staff the rumors you know my only managers throughout the whole organization. Burgess . Also mean there's no other. There's no other word is no grabbed me on the field. There you know presence in the position

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  3. Burgess it's. It's an accountability you know it's you know taken responsibility and and we all look at. In fact we didn't win

  4. that Joseph just try to place it into the corner there were virtual speed into it. That's latest defenseman slot and then Burgess takes advantage of that we'll put some backside that Chris Russell that center fielder. Second period we go just admitted

  5. s not going to be. His price. That's how everybody. Don't. But yeah. so confident just because it that's your RE Burgess also because your feeling physically. Good. Okay confident. So that is. But no lie capable of doing. My body feels really

  6. together NBA players. During the lockout where it was Jeremy playing the stage is hot hot hot hot. Well a he was playing at Burgess our Arriaga gym in them Menlo Park in averages league and the thing is. You know he had to earn his minutes that's the thing

  7. Kobe I'm told by the fans over here in the front row that they have never in all their years Burgess bowl coalition work tonight why we're. Gonna do what's right. Right Sort of defense because so. Wasn't exactly heavy lifting

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  9. With no context so far in raiders' camp the defense has been overlooked. Most of the reporting centering around Derrick Burgess and his current hold out. But when the pads go on Monday the hitting starts and eyes will be on safety Mike Mitchell

  10. a lot I'm pretty much we can't read as a good thing that. Some news and notes from nap but nothing new on the Derrick Burgess front nothing to report on that. The only report is that these players are ready to hit. Head coach Tom cable telling

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    that going to you physically catch up to where you need to be. As hard a couple more notes from training camp today Derrick Burgess still no sign of him but Tom cable not willing to talk about it. Javon Walker opens camp on the physically unable