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8.23: 49ers training camp -- Dominique Zeigler



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Tue, 23 Aug 2011|

Zeigler talks about how good it feels to be back on the field, and how the offseason practices have translated into training camp.


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Now we knew me back so and Byrd said hey you can go this week was really expecting. I was I was just expecting. But it was it was a great pleasure to -- you know. Anytime you to go to Hilton junior junior -- as many -- and around. How like through weeks and just let them practice they do -- kind of feel left out you know but it just visit to -- to give it up and he's going to individual. Now -- violence and win players on the field He really looks -- when He doesn't mean how much he's absorbing and He knows if people take apart and offseason practices which you did with Alex Smith at San Jose state do you see the difference you only have one practice that what you can -- across from him to translate. Oh yeah I mean as long as you can't pay attention and -- -- I don't feel I mean I was totally. Dawn you know I was out of watching them practice so when they were -- formation because they know you would put yourself in that position as you -- out -- -- was overcome and rips. So when you do get -- out there you won't just be lost. How much practice time we get this week team now because obviously the third pre season game is typically. -- they try to get all the starters and read them but you're just coming back and they need to see what you can do as well. Like us we really don't know He did yesterday was affirmative action I don't wanna just kind though. Though they'll lay out there food goes those each day were gonna keeper Hairston as long as I keep filling you have to have to practice. -- keep and -- today so we'll -- you know he'll play myself don't know how did it feel after practice I felt I felt great you know just generally get out there and actually. Kids have often from our quarterbacks or. Listen whatever -- had to say you know little instructions -- or just feel like you're back. That part of losing. -- tailback and a yea you know some I want one period almost went and you know. And then spurred us play -- -- but you kind of get -- it just ago when you because -- simple as you know. Try to -- -- that I think I had thank.

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