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McKenzie: 'I'm the new guy'



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Wed, 11 Apr 2012|

Reggie McKenzie talks about taking Al Davis' place in the Raiders' war room, and how he will change things.


Machine Generated Transcript

I'm truly not only okay. Who -- Obviously now coming here as it's an exciting time I mean you know this. This has been. -- very well mister Davis outgoing coach this has been his due for. Since the Raiders -- the Raiders. And so. -- a new guy. You know. That's my first time from. -- -- draft and have to lives -- -- been draft a fundraiser for so long so is. It is. This is huge. And I'm excited about it you know and looking forward to. It. Not now and I'm most of -- Thoughts of people you know used to that so many people in this organization this. You know. I get through. I get to hear everything. Cabrera. I used to do it. Boot room. You scared. You let them know. Well you know. Once. We made the decision. Remind them. Think back through. Into -- listen and to hold onto. Whether it's coaches whose counsel him. And there's the board says. Of tells us to do one thing. Now that's what we're gonna do it and and everybody know that going again. As Far East and all understand that the -- you know waiting to draft and start making decisions. Home. How we gonna -- home. Now mended -- isn't -- punitive to vote to dazzle there right at the same level. Then this is discussion. And and we have. We have a discussion but it's usually. With the head coach. It outside shot. What is their chance you can traded and picking up first and straight into the thing. In -- I think is always ways of treating. Turned into -- tree in back. It's just a matter of you know. What you were going to. To give up. -- What would you be I don't know what do you wanna receive to do. So. -- -- Different team come with her score. Something you each just you don't offer me he's if I wanna get into the first round. And -- but I. Give in my first born. That's that's not going to happen. And right. I do know one -- future -- User you know you consider very good for some futures seventh. Of you know. Mujica and going into the season some happens you know. A moment. You consider turning into critics especially. -- I want. Yet. -- -- -- Yes. Yes but -- -- but yes. -- -- -- name you. -- Quite a few. As early news. The -- Henderson's in the third around. And as for right. When. Nobody really even. I don't. You know but -- -- And really good about the -- -- and women married and didn't and sharper and second round. Lot of people on whom he treats. Him Q I couldn't. For me you weren't. Even downs so the latter rounds of whom Donald Driver in the seventh round. I mean we realize some. And who's excited he's still there in the seventh round exits. We like to kid. -- when you go on and on Mark Tauscher and this year in the seventh round we just didn't ghastly. Then they turn out to be. You know you knew that it was good football players would you -- know how good they wanna be you know Desmond Bishop from -- Few years ago six round. I used. The -- starter and you know this you can find starters. Now. The last couple three rounds. But. It's. Two years ago. Of the board were when they there you take them. And I mean you know it's and it's not you know. There's not an exact science. You know. Who hit and miss. But if you stick to work you know Portugal even. Hopefully hit more than in this. Felt that you've been. As a group maybe were pretty good. -- Guys are really wanted to play football well but the ball that was missing was more because of injuries -- something tells me. More more tonight yes we we've Furlan who. Pretty good no more wishing carrot to get us you know we. We're not blind sided by certain guys. The ones that we took that has some who have been risk. We knew about it you know. But. The key and we always talked about was make sure. They're good football players who wanna play football. You know I know. That was. And that holds true. With me and I only got to make sure they really love the game. And make sure that they know. A good football players. Than all those stuff. On the test how they play -- come schools -- you know. But I don't play play important how you evaluate him. -- You've been there. Absolutely. Absolutely there's try to come to mean. Having Jimmy. Traded us. In their favor. -- that's part of being a rookie. Don't. And that and picking the players. Right. I'm sure he's going to be enrollment. Before -- when you know. How to boards come in you know is is going to be. And support. And a supportive role for myself. And staff. Like he's always been and is. He's going to be very support. Are you. Could you just you know how it is. No that's no. Small school players -- it's hard. Because also there from the get one guy that. Then jumps. Not only physically but. He wants to Terry skill wise. No more and you wanna make sure they dominated through the league that there in -- you know. The moment too. If they had the chance to play in the bowl game you see how they competed. Because. Opera competition. They evaluate that. But if you don't get a chance to see him do this different competition higher competition. He has got to go which are good what you see on tape. And what you see in in person might get their pro do. Are doing and -- to come back and you see how they competed against. Other guys just roaming. An athletic standpoint. Me trying to get. Much information as you can. Encounters with you don't have. Me you recommends it. And they each other plans to hire employees. But is more. It's more football. Intelligent football instincts. There's too concerned. More with them want to leave school. You know certain positions. You know probably look at -- -- stronger him. Mostly -- quarterback it's so unfair.

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