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Three and Out: Leniency for Smith; finishing first half strong



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Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

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This is Matt mantle from winded in the aftermath of the 49ers victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars with your three -- out for the day. Perhaps the biggest news of the weekend was NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saying that the fact that all the Smith entered rehab. Voluntarily won't factor into the NFL's ultimate decision of how to discipline him. -- -- he says that all the Smith will return to the 49ers in the second half of season if he shows progress Jim Harbaugh says the 49ers. Of all the Smith they're just take it one day at a time. The 49ers in the first half of the regular season with a five game winning streak and they did it. With six players potentially returning to the team in the second half of the year. I asked Frank Gore out -- he shook his head and he says it's amazing that we want all these games and we're as good as we are without those six players those six players include Mario Manningham. Michael Crabtree potentially all the Smith and others of the 49ers feel like they should be a better team in the second half than they are right now. The forty niners played a very strong schedule in the first half the season they still have a six and two record going into the second half when theoretically the schedule lightens up. Well that should be a big benefit to the 49ers because they showed that they don't take teams with four records lightly. 49ers safety Donte Whitner says -- Jim Harbaugh and his staff are the most paranoid in the NFL they treat every opponent like it's a Super Bowl on. So even though the forty -- might -- basis of teams in the second half of the season that aren't very good. They're not gonna take them lightly.

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  3. The only played this season on woods neither. Thought he Whitner or Eric Reed was on the field for the according as a resulted ..... to the 49ers defense. Well rest assured it looks like both Whitner and Reid will be available for the game on Sunday gets Jaguars

  4. from here. And out of practice map we saw air greed and Donte Whitner for realistically giving their seven Jaguars they really ..... full pads and we saw what happened win both Reid and Whitner were on the sideline there on the like to gather for

  5. Reid, Whitner look fine, suit up for practice


    Wed, 23 Oct 2013

    The 49ers held their first full practice outside of London Wednesday, and the injury news is good for Eric Reid and Donte Whitner .

  6. 49ers playing the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Both Donte Whitner and Eric are coming off the injuries. Read with an ankle sprain Whitner within me. So that's something to keep an eye on this

  7. you know. Learned is defense and you know it's specifically on the back in an unknown to real brown for a long time now. Whitner is obviously you know a leader for us back there. And I even guys like Eric Reed and you know. Darryl Moore and you know

  8. for us you know he evidenced. And the mound at times Donte Whitner . Sean Gholston were involved in and turnovers. Strict ..... they play and and the game against the Texans and and Donte . Whitner being the catalyst of the communication. And getting

  9. He had come in bunches. You know that's our game plan for in turnovers. Not things and has only had two big plays allowed. Everybody's thinking of we have legal and correct and we will that. Finally yards you know remotely bad turnovers and we needed them and honestly it. Yeah. You know discuss all

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    Donte Whitner has officially filed a request to change his name and could have "Hitner" on the back of his jersey before Thanksgiving.

  11. How Home area and act now. guys have command and replace those guys have played well enough rest to keep playing the way we like to play and our guys just played good team defense last few weeks in and have for the most part during the season and you know that's where we expect to be we've just got

  12. Winner with his first forced fumble of the season at seven that your career this stuff from the Ricky Eric Green mean how that that was the upper hand. Evens hole out there and vaccine get up off. Poison to virtually no He knows what to expect that from him he's a very strong guy young got. You

  13. And Jermaine Brock really stepped up and had a very good game including a game changing play. He tipped pass that Donte Whitner intercepted so his hands will be full. I guess Andre Johnson one of the best at what he does.

  14. phone I think the Texans. Fan base that can become a little frustrated with and still some and obviously the 49ers Donte Whitner outspoken about it concerned about they still think he has a good quarterback JJ watt we know. There's a good defensive

  15. Whitner's new name will get some announcer fired


    Thu, 3 Oct 2013

    But he surely will get an announcer fired when force of habit causes said broadcaster to substitute an "L" for the "N."

  16. letter US open and history what would your moms last. My last name was what was she marry him it was Robinson. She wants to go back to My last name was Whitner and now it's hit and flow the in my tonight and me almost made me. took him.

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    Donte Whitner 's heavy hitting has been a topic of debate this year. The strong safety is embracing it as officially as he can.

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    Here is what he had to say: If you could change your name legally, have you ever thought of what it would be? Kaepernick: "No, I've never thought about it, but I think it's very fitting for [S] Donte [ Whitner ] to change it."

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  20. Now early on posted into the midsection ball is my shoulder. You can actually see me turn and lay off if I actually ran to the that I think I'll deserve one not that goes with us. Yeah between 1000. You know which is alive and especially for a first offense so we'll see hopefully or. The evidence