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8.31: Raiders practice -- Hue Jackson



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Wed, 31 Aug 2011|

Jackson is fired up about not having gotten a win yet this preseason.


Machine Generated Transcript

-- -- Gone back -- not just a little bit every -- I can get this one I want to and a damn good so that's the way it is somebody adult that you got a -- throw -- didn't match. And that's well -- right now. So we got them. I -- out of land I don't I don't take it how much don't go to work to do it was a blow the Duke they might feel a little different filling that I have but. Bottom line there's some of my post about -- that then that's okay. Any particular. I can't should have you isn't as -- reasons you Jackson's reason that today I get a day I get a Mulligan what day are the -- my Mulligan. Yes He will He looks good. Exciting easier. Not to watch him play and compete and we'll see where it goes from there. He's in better shape you know a lot fashion and style would be and obviously the backs a little bit. And they you know obviously you can't go play all game but He can play some. But I think He needs to get out there -- makes the same compete I -- just seemed to be built for the Raiders and I think he'll do a good job. And there's a guy on the roster here and as of now and -- you think He might feel He. Numbers -- so would you be sit on in this game meaning nine players are here MM a good game and get them. Film now. Battle I don't subscribe that. Mean we don't play our players that's supposedly in his game based on our order of civil lower based on our organization's view. Another that's another thought about it and I've been here over our organization's view of what we think is best for our team and that's what we're gonna do -- I feel good that our teams get healthy as I said before. And pretty -- local level of players. Dunta Robinson. Another gesture or so you know obviously I like to play to win I won yet so does this and the job that I might be -- -- and today but other than that. I think it's another opportunity for us to get ready for the season starts. I think our players understand that at least they they know back in. That's what we need to do. Probably in the fourth game -- start them about your game again. So as I get that cup of coffee and have that that talk -- myself and I'll make that decision. Like you said this is a different whole different year. Whole different now process that we've all been through that might be some merit to playing guys a little bit more in the last game but again that's a decision that -- yet. Yeah I would hope became you know but again I I don't know that yet and there was so the process of teaching this young man how to do -- And I he's done a good job very attentive He does everything we asked him to do but again my goals to get this football team race you know and -- he's he's out of the equation. For awhile so my my focus is on our team. Killen is Baghdad. If it helped him a little -- definitely helps helps me because I know I as I told you guys I mean my. My thoughts about -- when these guys are going to be back and been healthy and get out on the field is probably about right you know and he's got the then back in there they're out about not totally but Lofton or haven't you know and feel that by next week that we'll have these these guys are healthy. In the mix. You feel you have a good handle on the receivers that are are going to be at this point or there's. I think so I think so I. I haven't been myself have a good handle not to think about it but again I have to share that what our staff and and we'll both go from there I mean my my. Thought process might be a bit different -- somebody else's and that's OK I get 51% of -- so it's -- good. He's not here -- we got to build it trust me when I'd say I'm gonna build disbelief I know people don't see it yet but that's OK I am gonna build a bully. We're gonna be a bully we have big dream is to be a bully and I expect -- -- -- little bit. Where is that the proper would be. The process -- it -- -- of them. You know the process is already started. But the finished product and what has got to be and how is going to be probably won't show Tilden and we've played a lot of different players have played guys a lot of lot of time a lot of quarters a lot of plays. And now. Again that's the process of this offseason just when things -- bad but I feel very comfortable. That this team understands what we're trying to create here what we need to do with the -- Here you've given them. You're always can change I mean as you know I'm a lot of stuff can happen -- -- -- -- pre season game mean things that they're very unfortunate somebody can get. Next or whatever all that is so you you never know we just got to keep working and I mean when it's all said and done guys that are here. After this pre season game of the guys that we think it will help this organization with a championship that's always after what's been the biggest. Biggest challenge of winning. This you know I get that question a lot I don't know that I've had a challenge. More so than that I'm working out upset as before -- it says a word more. As I was got me a little on edge right now I'm not their workout go down and and screaming -- with the boys there's always some that do but I appreciate just what I love my job level and I'm Dolan. And now we don't go well when you get -- Lito Sheppard how long would take him to get the rust off of them He didn't know. From Denver thought I think He -- press -- still He got He had -- make this ball club. So you can't make his ballclub yet and I think that's what's important. I mean we got to make sure that whoever like as a lot of those guys that we put on this team on the right guys. Trust me when I tell you that. I mean usually guys we'll be able to help us get to a one. When hanging out here it's you think you can get this -- here. I felt I mean I I know there. You know. You know the term you know you get the player when He came out what that means you evaluate where you -- -- -- -- I was that is. His pro day at Arizona State I know he's very talented followed in his career because there's obviously so. I know He was counted that's what was fun you know you remained that I knew. So we put him on our team I've always -- the football players some players just need to get the right environment like -- talent show and obviously has been great sentiment here. Some very happy for him and I think he's done a tremendous job he's represented so well. The court and we'll be playing time gamer. Suitable one game. You know I you know bag that's a good question you know obviously you wanna be smart and all those decisions -- -- make them you know it's. To help him prepare himself that's what we really -- what -- that we felt like hey. Maybe we don't because when you evaluate other people make too -- you know I feel very comfortable with him and there for what they are what they are this team. -- I felt like they need something again that's somebody to sit out -- really think through. And and talk to myself about our staff and organization is it we really need to do that we do we will we don't go. -- yeah absolutely there is gonna return punts kicks in this golf. You are pretty good idea -- out one guy in my mind he's the best -- football -- is -- I mean I'm not to go before those aren't well I know he's a kick returner right you know but it was a punt returner we'll see as we can do for. But I know returning kicks but is He in the mix -- -- I think He has the potential to be always thinking back there I don't know mostly they make it out -- a spot duty do you know as we go but He doesn't -- just. It's everybody who received from the quarterbacks as we've got to keep progressing you know at that position is near and did in my heart you know -- -- -- we're SM just the -- and play as well you know so it came back last week and did some good things you know obviously -- Jason cal. And obviously Trent wants another crack at it and He wasn't very happy this performance but that's okay. You know those things do happen I want to see that that. Group continued to elevate and continued to push this football team where it needs to go beyond just one big piece of this thing and obviously did your players. The leaders of the team they got to make sure that they continue to have this team progressing but I think guys understand. We had to -- turn around him. I'm sorry could we order for -- I haven't made that decision that they went down to the last game I'd I know those guys -- play and probably play quite -- -- Haven't made that some. I mean that's pretty deep and I think he's done 49ers and going out there and running. -- -- -- -- -- This is how I assess our defense that this is a defense that has not had eleven starters plan to double there. You know we still -- I can't truly assess where we are what we are until we go play a game where all eleven defensive starters on the football field. Playing together walked out there together and make competing again. Do I think we got the makings of a very good defensive football team yes I do. I think we need to improve and keep getting better yes I do so I think that these players understand that are willing to accept that challenge yes I do. They will play -- feel very comfortable. Barber -- the good -- over the Baltimore program for growth. There's some guys you tell you know there's some guys or compassion -- felt that that is the way -- is this is. I've grown mentally you know. Guys asked. Good question yet to get the right answer that's what they I don't believe is misleading. An individual. This is how it is you know and so sometimes doesn't tell a guy that sometimes guys just -- you know they know I need to go -- to give myself a chance feathers here somewhere else. Every every opportunity here might not work for. You know. But somewhere else maybe there's an opportunity for young man what we wanted to just get my opportunity so He can show they can do and if that works here great dividend -- here. You go somewhere else about what we're.

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