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10.29: High School Lites -- De La Salle beats San Ramon Valley



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Sat, 29 Oct 2011|

SportsNet Central recaps De La Salle vs. San Ramon Valley and Washington vs. Mission in Bay Area high school football.


Machine Generated Transcript

De La Salle football game and action Friday night having not lost to a northern California team since the Bush Administration. That's bush senior year at the 1991. Folks. Good cal bound QB Zach Klein and his San Ramon valley squad give the spartans a twentieth and it. Mine was not about bail us out QB -- and say -- maybe they'll be again the global -- -- or something. On this night also Barnes early on it's just that connecting would have -- Williams on the scoring play at the long one. Then it's going to be Houston. This guy got his getting ahead of player that is an -- to Dwayne Bowe deep down field to kill heroes wide outs. Andrew Buckley is -- cruise 43 and. Well they're good hey we've got an upset on up Friday Night Lights are right. In the San Francisco section number two Washington high hosting number one mission Bears. Any Eagles capitalizing on home field advantage -- it runs all over Michigan in front of the home fans 48 --

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    Russa how important was it for a ride to get first the way it can that. You know Bowe buster make it through third base well. Bogeys trying to settle there T he did he pitched very what. Tremendous effort he gave

  2. because of these great fans. Blog guys thanks very much the milk right here I got. Hash tag vote Melky hash tag panda hash tags Bowe buster they're going to be doing it over the next 48 hour test next Super Tuesday Larry Baer. Willie McCovey thank you so

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