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Scott and Fallon: McFadden's health key to Raiders season



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Fri, 4 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

I'm Scott -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with Raiders running back Darren McFadden who was officially been listed as doubtful. On the injury report for Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers and that's because he missed a full week's practice with a hamstring injury he suffered. In the previous week against the Washington Redskins now I talked to Darren McFadden and he said that his hamstring is still flaring up on him. And it's eliminating the -- that is so necessary power running game. To get through that defensive line now Darren McFadden he -- toed the company line and said exactly what Dennis Allen hope that he would say that everything is still day -- day. There's a small possibility that he may play on Sunday. Let's go ahead and get rid of that right now. Because he also let slip that it might be a good idea if -- were to rest not only this week but possibly next week against the Chiefs heading toward that bye week to ensure that he's. Fully healthy and ready to go after that point now that's not a very good sign for the Raiders offense because they need him. To be able to operate effectively this just puts more onus on quarterback Terrelle Pryor to move this team downfield. It's been rough to be a Raiders offensive lineman this season even dating back to training camp. It seems like guys have been getting hurt seemingly every every week so much so that it prompted offensive coordinator Greg Olsen. To say that he doesn't think he's lined up the exact same five guys for each practiced in a week. For the entire training camp pre season and the regular season and this week is no different. They had a series of injuries and that starts with centers -- was nasty to his doubtful with a knee sprain suffered. On Sunday against the Redskins now losing him is a huge deal because he's the captain of that offensive line and even while injuries -- happening around him. He was able to keep this line in check keep -- focused and keep operating at a decently high level. But now that he's out it could cause some real trouble because that means that Andre Jerod. Has to move from left guard where he started last two weeks for Lucas next back over to sit back over to the center spot now. Haven't was news to go down if it's a domino effect that's going to affect everybody because for offensive linemen were on this injury report. And none of them were even probable -- why do think Lucas nix is going to play. And I'm sure that. Tony Pashos at right tackle is going to give it a go. There one big injury away from being in huge trouble and for having this raiders' offense comes to complete standstill. The Oakland Raiders offense is littered with injuries right now which only makes it more important quarterback Terrelle Pryor. Is finally healthy because they're going to need him. In order to keep up with a high powered San Diego Chargers offense that's going to put points on the board no matter what the defense tries to do -- now Darren McFadden. It's highly unlikely that he's going to play in this game and there are several injuries along the offensive line but Terrelle Pryor is the perfect antidote. For that type of injury situation because he's mobile he's creativity can make something out of nothing. And the Chargers defense by contrast has struggled against the run and they just lost key pass rusher Dwight Freeney so they're gonna have a tougher time rushing -- passer so. It's going to be up up to prior and I hate the putt. Everything on this kid's shoulders but unless he shows up the Raiders are gonna have a very tough time dealing with San Diego on Sunday night.

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  10. he knows that a guy that you know. has a lot of following a guy that you know who's played in World Series one World Series. And you know he's guided there by you wants to be around so I think you know as Freeney lives a school that.

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