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12.10: Mindi Bach in Arizona with 49ers



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Sat, 10 Dec 2011|

Mindi Bach reports from Arizona and says the 49ers are expecting a physical and emotional game with the Cardinals.


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And Arizona Cardinals two teams that really don't care for each other in their last meeting niners safety Dashon golds and traded -- would Cardinals receiver Early Doucet but the niners landed the knockout punch as they walked away with a 23 to seven victory. The niners should expect hostile territory when they step on the Cardinals field tomorrow our -- -- has already and Arizona with the 49ers. Preview for tomorrow -- Mandy what a press pass and a preview of this grudge match. The 49ers last lost the Cardinals here in November of 2008. And since then gone on to win. Five straight against your division opponent. Including a 23 to seven victory against Arizona just three weeks ago. The 49ers faced the Cardinals again this season this time is NFC west champs but there's still expecting a very physical and emotional game. Defensively I feel like. They're they're coming into their own they're playing outstanding football attendance for the fact it weren't for the last five games offensively. Same. They think that they're hitting their stride and she got on. On tape they're just playing very very good team football special teams. They -- outstanding special teams unit. In the last game between these two teams safety Dashon golds and was ejected for fighting with Early Doucet and also find 25000. Dollars. The players expect that a motion to carry over in this Sunday's game and Arizona would like nothing more than to be -- FC west title holders and pick up their third straight win. In Glendale many -- Comcast sports net. Thank you -- knee injury update on the San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis -- listed as questionable for tomorrow's game. Willis injured his right hamstring last Sunday also Braylon Edwards Carlos Rogers and twelve round are questionable. This weekend. Also Comcast sports net has the 49ers official post game show makes Jordan changed. The channel after the game for -- only show. With more expert analysis and more access to the players than you'll ever get. On the other TV and radio affiliates.

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