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Hewyard-Bey: 'I'm trying to win championships here'



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Sun, 26 Aug 2012|

Insider Paul Gutierrez recaps the Raiders' 31-20 win over Detroit on Saturday.


Machine Generated Transcript

Sounds -- good years here on CSN California dot com we generator exclusive born after the Raiders get the victory. Over the Detroit Lions. And I know a lot of people are going to be talking about Terrelle Pryor and what he did the second half. But really the story we just got out right out of the locker room the big story for the Raiders got her -- happy about -- on offense but maybe even a bigger story -- -- You don't look like -- I mean this is this statement always sit here and do his thing. I guess now maybe she's way hotter than I trust me I understand. Everybody everybody in the restaurants like you're not K I know I'm not K she'll be back actually stand up point those stand up point. Yeah I mean based on the right about on the website tonight -- is. There's gonna be is up or by a lot of fans that that Terrelle Pryor to have a great game he he looked comfortable finally he came out and he's huge he showed that speed. That we've always heard about it and it's inclusiveness and you know -- that long too long runs one for a touchdown in and his passes and his passing was finally on. But there's -- there's no quarterback controversy this is Carson Palmer's team puts Dennis Allen said it himself that he's still a work in progress some progress was made tonight. But Terrelle Pryor is not where they needed to be and he's not where he needs to be yet anyway but it was good for him to see to see some success for -- prior to sitting up along. And also that red zone offense don't have that right now. In the -- that's another thing that they continually talk about his. They were able to move the ball I'm not to -- at will but they were able to move it fairly easily but then once they got in the reds and they bogged down again. I'm not a big fan personally of using Darren McFadden is the -- out down there on the goal line I mean. That's a good way to get a guy who has an injury history. To get him hurt in my opinion. Should he be able to score yet you didn't see them taking out Marcus Allen back in the day in and putting in. Somebody else at the running back spot. This this is a new offense it's a new scheme and new team so to speak. You think -- at least give it's one of their fullbacks. You know I look at Darren McFadden playing as much as he did and I kind of shocked by that you know the San Diego Chargers with LaDainian Tomlinson. I would play at all and here's a guy all they're trying to do is keep -- healthy are you -- -- how much she actually is one. Not really because he did play that entire first the first quarter and some into the second quarter and and it's a fine line that sounds that it himself this week that they need him to get out that they need to get him banged around so that he's ready. When -- when the real -- start counting. But on top of that you also gotta be careful of how you're using him and that's why after last week's game in Arizona. Dennis Allen called them their belt now. And when you think of a belt I think is somebody this just a grunts. Somebody that's just grinds it out and that's not Darren McFadden. We signed his first he sees in the NFL that's when he was getting hurt when -- run between tackles he's a guy that needs space to make plays happen that's not selling short that's just using him. To the best of his abilities nearly offense in the first you freezing games didn't look so hot. But as you mentioned. Earlier they did move the ball well I guess they -- offensive coordinator Carson Palmer get a little more comfortable I think -- the like which you saw. I did. Carson Palmer looked a little bit more comfortable than he did last week in Arizona. And I know a lot of fans are gonna look at it we threw two interceptions well one was busted screen in the middle of the field the other one. Hit Eddy McGee and popped out and Eddie McGee kind of -- Jacoby Ford. Like gave him the -- Kobe Florida that game against Dallas early on just that that was going right for him and I slipped twice at interception bounce off him. But again this Carson Palmer's team. Game and he would never make this excuse -- got to remember he's out there playing with the guy who's not -- center that was used hasn't played since the Dallas game. And without two of his top receivers in Jacoby Ford and his favorite target than areas more. You look at this receiving corps and Darrius Heyward-Bey is the number one guy. What that guy who has opened the most eyes and his gain the most trust from everybody. Is -- Streeter and undrafted free agent from that football powerhouse known as them. I got its not a -- Streeter earlier this week up that gap but we're doing our radio shows -- 957 game up there and nicest kid. And it's just his story is unclear how could a guy this good not get drafted. Well you know heated -- he catches it typically almost as many catches in the pre season this -- he had his temple how did you think he could be his first year. I think he can be pretty good he's just eases solid possession guy and that's what the Raiders need going forward that you guided. -- not afraid to go across the middle and hold on while you still see some rookie yes every now and again from him. But I ask Carson Palmer afterwards why do you have some mistrust and this went on the guys out there he's not playing like a rookie he's not playing like an undrafted guy. And a lot of fans and again fans are crazy difficult different acts very reason but they see that number eighty they see a young Jerry Rice I'm not seen it I've just done you what's out there right now.

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