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How will Super Bowl L benefit Bay Area?



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Wed, 22 May 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Eric Young from the San Francisco business times. Talks about the business element of this and let's start Eric was Super Bowl that is coming to northern California what's the benefit to the Bay Area. Benefit to the Bay -- is going to be pretty broad as I see it there's going to be direct spending obviously. Millions of dollars millions in -- dollars. From tourism coming in. All the obvious candidates are gonna benefit hotels restaurants. Bars. So there there's the in the direct economic spending. There's also I think potential following benefits as well. The area gets put in a very good lights. During Super Bowl week. You have a lot of business leaders that'll be coming into the area a lot of Wheeling and dealing can be done as well sleeve you can see a lot of business deals coming out of -- slump you. Have a nice piece of the San Francisco business times about comparing the Super Bowl and America's cup right. And what you say about 900 million dollars will be spent for America's cup -- July to September putt they putt earlier arrive at that. Figure so that figure. Is you know it's also been include infrastructure spending so you've got. Government spending. To. Refurbish appears to fix roads do things like that. So that it helps push that number of passed what most people would expect would come from the Super Bowl. When you look at the dollar spent at a Super Bowl or America's cup. Is it outside money only that they consider. Or is it reshuffled local money that's already going to be spent on something else but we decide what I'm not gonna go to this event. Now that America's cup Bible I'm gonna do this instead -- just re shuffled money. That is where you get into the problem who is. Putting a real number on some of these events. Do these studies take into account spending that is already happening in your economy or is it. The money that you want which is the new money outside money that's coming tear to your town. -- there's an after effect these events come and then they go or I remember Sydney Australia had a huge bump and people after the Olympics in 2000 who's still wanted to come. Does the region get any bump after an event has already been here. You definitely can see that you can see you follow on benefits. I think it depends a lot on how the area takes advantage of the event and takes advantage of the media exposure that's generated from that event. Does the city of San Francisco does does Santa Clara. Make a real concerted effort to leave a really good impression in people's minds about what that city has offer. We have thirty seconds here is this just for the Bay Area or how far out to the tentacles stretch where. People are gonna benefit from this from Napa Sacramento who goes Reno. I think it does go away at Bay Area wide and then I think of the nine counties sound like you definitely see. The wine region for example benefiting. You know putting out tour is a Super Bowl seemed to words so all -- counties that we could could really reap benefits Eric Young San Francisco -- is essentially the piece is really great piece.

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