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Ray Ratto on the Raiders #7 Pick 4.27



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Fri, 10 Dec 2010|

With a huge game looming in Florida for the Raiders, Paul Gutierrez details his matchups to watch for Sunday's battle.


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The familiarity truly does breed contempt that things get ugly and -- Sunday in Jacksonville and think about it the Raiders and Jaguars not only -- -- mirror images of each other both offensively and defensively there's a lot of familiar -- on either side of the ball in Jacksonville they have a couple of former raider linebackers in Kirk Morrison who was the middle linebacker here for the Raiders he led the team in tackles for the five years he was here -- Oakland the -- got a former fourth round draft choice and Slade Norris. Both of those guys no doubt wanna prove something to a team that gave up on time in which they feel was probably Houston. On the Raiders side of the ball you got three former Jaguars offensive tackle Khalif Barnes. Yet defense tackle -- stuff for the big massive big John. Big John Anderson and and you awesome -- -- -- and linebacker Quinton groves which brings us to our first match to keep an eye on this coming weekend. John Anderson against Jaguars get back running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Would John Henderson going back to Jackson he's got a pretty not only just the chip on actually got a pretty massive size boulder. He was one of their first round draft pick back in 2000 into the stall or that dot defense of line and -- unceremoniously. Cut this this past spring. Right before he was due a five million dollar bonus. He talked a little -- was short sweet but very direct this week in the locker room when he spoke to us take -- listen what he had to say. We didn't write it and running at. Yeah. -- do whatever you. Mom bring up until tomorrow brilliant. But the yeah. Yeah certainly and yeah. I think you're not -- a lot of little. Well Kirk Morrison obviously he's he's raider born and Brady grew up here and Oakland. With a huge fan of the Raiders fulfill lifelong dream when he was drafted by the Raiders. Became the quarterback and -- defense at the middle linebacker. Things didn't turn out as well as as he had hoped I mean obviously a lot of losing going on yeah. Tonight and be on the other side of the ball. And for the Raiders a mean winner running the ball. It's going to be Michael Bush territory because chairman Ben likes to run the ball and running outside him straight up the middle as Michael Bush territories you can have a lot of collisions between former teammates and Michael Bush and Kirk Morrison. And both -- -- going to be -- up to this. We'll Quinn -- has been trying to downplay this thing all week long and it's no big deal that he's gone back to Jacksonville but you think about as a team the draft and as a team we gave up on him after a few short season so. He's got something to prove and get some that are proven when he's lined up as as the weak side linebacker. And Jacksonville's tight end is on the other side of the line. He's in the going head up against Jacksonville's franchise cornerstone left tackle Eugene Monroe so what better way to try to prove yourself -- against somebody that is the franchise the cornerstone Eugene Monroe with the Raiders and Jaguars matchup to watch this weekend. Here and Alameda. -- -- -- -- Oh.

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  2. season's Super Bowl run. Whatever touches him that's the number one rule and I it was also some that's always remember Monroe also. You know for us is gonna go on the cleared him and going to be physical because surely. And you know keep them off Last

  3. do that was one of the always does sort of come political political momentum does that. When he threw without them tomorrow Monroe was most. Some of Orange and dishonest. If you do a little too well in the last twelve. And now. That I feel better the

  4. ever gonna make that adjustment on the row the a little longer get that extra couple pitches and and then opted to amount I don't know he plans on doing that but maybe it's something that could. Could help him keep his rhythm on Monroe .

  5. kind of a great leadership for a little bit more patient. Around the sanitize you know knowing when a receiver when he does Monroe . During different mobs seem like you know kind of goes home and and was no way you him night. Think today how's Ortiz too

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  7. kept us in the game but we're deciding that you are they here that given and what better place to do with that right god yeah Monroe appeared tell us about coming back home and playing and not only playing. But ended up having a game winning home run I mean

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    they had a deserve a whole lot of credit. We enjoy it and then we look forward to tomorrow night another talked tough task Monroe . Very light greens. for me fourth set 60 yeah he's beloved Cubs back down on one thing that's going. Game the only into

  14. last weekend needing to get on the field that sort of went as as your role changed in practices the past few weeks but. Hall Monroe was doesn't Kansas is going on the they're day and As the evening and of course there's a woman played so it someone that

  15. Jason Sutton and the me on great events watch closely as Brady's number one of the current Monroe just steals the ball away from the runner and Monroe is headed the other way. When he yard field. field goal and it's a seventy. And half

  16. No just just on us careless. Bad decisions. Just just was out of sync and no excuse. They're going to be a good team Monroe . You've got to take of basketball you've got to rebound. missed shots I'm back. We've got to do a better job closing

  17. Martz is. And we'll tell us about that last play real quick about what you guys think about what you don't switch out. And Monroe you know it. There were targeted for those who do you I want to ask you I was really ask you about you according to inbound

  18. Courtesy of the event takes it. Short quarterbacks. And we are tied at seven all in the third quarter. me hands into the car Monroe over the middle setting up in my yard field goal and 8107. Maybe monarch lead it stayed that way late in the fourth quarter

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  20. but I assume that they really you know felt was so it was a good. As a bit about it saying in this community is good for the Monroe . Or last this. Posted this time just working out in. You stand ready to win for the Yes you know dismember. He didn't