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49ers shift focus to dangerous duo

Tue, 24 Sep 2013|

The Detroit Lions will be without wide receiver Nate Burleson this Sunday as they take on the Chicago Bears at Ford Field.

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  1. 164 - Ronald and Josh

    the plate and launches a pitch deep into the left field bleachers. Yeah. The Giants bench celebrates. The Dodgers Ford Field . Yankee run. Hats off for us today would tuning in just what's essential to us. Every night at six intensity on

  2. 2.14: Kate Longworth 1-on-1 with Andrew Bailey

    any use that after the here for the last. Today you know it does anytime seeded teams governor doesn't. Gives you kind of a bad feeling Well here we are and Bailey they clothes are looking at Ford Field . And that feeling coming up guys.

  3. 10.12: 49ers practice -- Matt Maiocco & Mindi Bach

    you got here at 49ers headquarters Sinclair as the 49ers get ready to take on the five and Detroit Lions this Sunday at Ford Field . Smiling these aren't and I Wear this because that's where it lies hurt but you know believe it is it standard collar

  4. 10.16: SF/DET postgame -- Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach

    Cameo coming back here at Ford Field where the 49ers in the Detroit Lions now both five and one 49ers with the upset win. To get their fourth win in a row Matt and

  1. Lions' Burleson breaks arm in car crash


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    The Detroit Lions will be without wide receiver Nate Burleson this Sunday as they take on the Chicago Bears at Ford Field .

  2. Final: Lions 40, Patriots 9


    Thu, 22 Aug 2013

    The Patriots trail the Lions 16-3 at the half in Detroit in the their third preseason game. Follow the action from Ford Field here.

  3. Our second acts in sports that's it from inside. At Ford Field period. Damon that's me still hanging around he can't kick is out of here we won't we won't lead to glorious. A ticket

  4. 8.22: Bruce Bochy Postgame


    Sun, 23 Aug 2009

    Were viewed pictures and then there's. Had their moments. Definitely. There. They're good night at bats. He hit Ford Field . pretty those were. Who's who's lead. Are you don't but I still. a good job. There's. I don't know

  5. Chronicle Live- NCAA Buzz


    Fri, 3 Apr 2009

    what's gonna happen tomorrow at Ford Field and not that that's always. Bother ..... they're gonna have 72000. Inside Ford Field tomorrow starting at 307 our time ..... not a Bay Area school anywhere near Ford Field . But outside of frank Somerville