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10.22: Wayans Brothers on Chronicle Live



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  3. Terry Bradshaw7:33
  4. James Toney4:53
  5. Greg king5:56
  6. Manny Pacquiao3:02
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Fri, 22 Oct 2010|

Shawn and Marlon Wayans join Greg Papa for some brotherly comedy.


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Games without -- -- yep. I didn't have to read the manual. You can pick Sammy in the basement yep that's it up. It's amazing what abandoning some garments instinctive did. This is the easiest money ever made. It's like when a government job. -- right before they -- the L desperate. Lot of Cologne. A lot of coming off an Atlanta or Lions or Bears their entire episode -- -- -- -- yeah. While -- here reflect accountability. Or their last edited to be there for a couple of shows that. Shaq go Sean look at the front and I went out there and you are an -- yet how good men on the I'm happy to be here you are happy -- -- -- -- since real sporty like this -- -- get my pajamas agreement screen with them you can do that. Puts them on goal and that's the way to watch sport junior to Jim yeah I'm definitely Sunday's probably wouldn't pencil drawings that some underwear and our. Probably -- -- bill brought -- you know using the Watson brought you gotta have only gotten and how well you know they they play little ball close you wanna do well. Look. What did you imagine you can -- you wanna bring one's an important. Or to. The right. Oh yeah I got I got well and -- of our Blaylock. And about apparently on the on the corporate board and there. Sponsors and -- it actually government rocket -- -- five portrait. Yeah. Iditarod Bryant got one question yeah. -- -- -- -- nobody -- what happens in the best rated -- oh -- that's eco mama house they are evil elf named Robert. Started. Hey life Jones just couldn't know ahead but I think our best brands of course is my brother and run good we're not -- -- Sunday. Probably an all in the movies there villains -- -- uses a lot I know he's like you know what role -- I love to -- hallmark Cubs would you watch or not high school together a minute we won't he won't we he -- tides are warmups but it if if -- been. Followed with -- Unemployment is it goes well and overcompensate for that he wears an everyday now I would assume a demolition sites are right now he's no I don't believe it but -- oh god what Texas -- -- role. Now -- -- -- -- him where I absolutely don't. I'm so I -- a lot of I'll tell around the red that would fit their hand on May have a beer hello -- -- -- suddenly it went from different using. Yeah weren't people out -- it don't -- of nonalcoholic beer. Yeah that's always good people who don't out of gas without the -- that's -- look at -- look burden on city. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Omar's a cowboy fan yes -- Bob news Miller box almost feel like and not think. Obviously I can boxing out any yeah of course Manny Pacquiao I do like -- an impact I like junior I think it was a little yeah. Funny he's a great box about it but it got to fight our little money little I know I don't know I guess. Living -- really -- I do have the best boxer with someone tell the to a fight what's the problem what's didn't you guys that you know hormone. You don't wanna get -- -- and I don't think I. You prove yourself all of the. Yeah. It's like yeah. Bulky like movements to imagine -- The Rollins generally he did in the -- -- But don't get a ring with -- -- -- -- -- I -- abortion baby boy I don't know if you haven't already covered front and Floyd don't you know. He you know it's not a fight Floyd -- -- -- exciting to watch he brings all these two million adult. He's he's fast and I want to watch a hummingbird fight neglect and it's. I don't see nobody -- To go right Melbourne in the you don't want -- you don't just like you do one or rather didn't hit it. Put them. And the hood and just let them to the growing up by. Would take -- you wouldn't golf value the employed by. Put him in the UFC about by will I don't know why wouldn't not a unilateral or Israel sucks yeah behind girls or guys who lives like Malcolm -- Limit I think Floyd is no I have nothing but respect for me keep my money on what. But back autumn he be in trouble but I probably wouldn't know what it is a great fighter but. And I wouldn't mind winning and just like. Like rooting for the bad guys is like you know me know if you like he's the bad guys like -- the woman -- -- -- Originally created a man already gearbox and an out over the US yeah see out what the name James Toney fought you know you got a well out biggest push to mobilize. Unbelievable but I didn't know what's my opponent. It would look like viewers like you -- that. Wouldn't leave early and you know and I usually remember that's what this women. Great -- and love. The great -- then hello how about and is -- but he was still get pushed over and stuff that the you can't I think -- everything yeah we've put the headlock. The outlet into the at the moment I'm -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We know that the winner yeah. You. Back. -- -- But these kids. If you wanted to question yeah Greg king Richard -- yes man you are gonna stars Richard -- and -- tell me about that matter how you tackle that rule of man this place go into it and what I don't know if it's it's at the top -- but actually is the thing about me to stand up. I think like I I don't know -- my jokes that -- youth and your material and nowhere close to -- Rodriguez for a reply but I do enjoy Stillman -- -- Cabrera. I do is easily DiMaggio musical -- can't get in my belabor the red zone. Yeah. Actually. Yeah. I think about it yeah. Yeah but you know out at -- I got the part of the Cubs wasn't directing and next year. Two well we'll probably never know. That we. Yeah I learned here -- reasonable I think yeah. Eventually you're not blew it right yeah. Don't. Physically maybe you can -- Yeah I don't know a lot of I would do all we. Hello yes -- he probably won't. Regret that could have been 'cause. Of course yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. I don't know two months that's next year's -- this. But what are -- I'm doing stand up to prepare for real quick your football teams are those different -- -- Did his legend in the dusty Terry Bradshaw with that who would you will -- do. And I I love him Franco Harris and unload the Steelers. And Miami Dolphins but I do like that right now I like have sisco would not you know what I could I know you'll right -- what. How hard fought well -- club I don't way to negate new management. What other -- won a lot of like. Like Mike Singletary is like -- somebody you can't boys are gonna do good to only let you have an old meg getting a boy. Did you you know you can't we just content with you hands not a hot. Yeah I heard there were taught not gonna get -- to me you love me the hell yeah. You -- think you'll probably hit all time out -- into the -- that you. Yeah he's currently the fact that it was guitar as the devil you know I'm definitely could see him giving up just -- that's how you didn't. Bottlers Carlos and Sharon McCoy and they're going to be in north beach coming up well weaken it counts -- they'd love -- well we're Cubs comedy clubs in northeast corner you're really. And our big -- -- -- can't -- -- count how many we got a little girl got shot at 8 o'clock one. We got one -- to want -- Saturday they intend and we got one on the law's day at 8 o'clock -- -- those rise up absolutely. Thank you guys so much the great -- here. We gotta talk a little raider football and about Mike Singletary going do a jolly old England having kidding I am -- that -- -- Alomar you have your way he. You might want to live presented by arbitrator that. Week.

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