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11.12: SF/STL Maiocco's Matchups to Watch



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  2. Stephen Jackson1:06, 1:34, 1:42
  3. Troy Smith2:07
  4. 49ers0:05, 0:09, 0:28
  5. Mike Singletary1:59
  6. Patrick Willis1:19, 1:26, 1:35
  7. Steven Jackson0:20, 1:11, 1:17
  8. David Boston0:30
  9. wrist injury2:42
Fri, 12 Nov 2010|

Matt Maiocco makes a house call as he gets you ready for Sunday's NFC West showdown at the Stick.


Machine Generated Transcript

As bad a particular house call and talk a little bit but. 49ers Rams matchup on Sunday is very important game on the course of the 49ers just home game they have to win this thing. If they -- state FC west race. They're not out of two very similar teams with Steven Jackson the Rams frequent partners both teams want to run the ball. So let's focus on those match -- to him being one of the big -- for the 49ers offense. David Boston center working against Fred Robbins it's tackle we look at with the Rams have done. Defensively they've really improved their run defense and a lot of that has to do -- Steve Spagnuolo going I think getting Fred Robbins. He's not a real flashy guy he's let your -- 325. Pounder is very getting clogging the middle I think you've seen. The Rams run defense really reflective reentry -- In the league in run defense David bosque has done a tremendous job. Taking note where excitement he figures into the corners -- the -- a second too long term deal. The other matchup on the other sentinel Stephen Jackson -- it's. -- -- The Rams those guys bring lord Steven Jackson when he -- it and it now. In total yards and -- 2006. Steven Jackson against Patrick Willis I would love to snatch it because Stephen Jackson's heart right. It's hard runners it isn't and a belt. Patrick Willis having a good season not a great season. Youkilis making all the plays but he estimate those big plays I wanna see Stephen Jackson. And Patrick Willis collide in the whole time and time again sending you can see it. Patrick Willis to wrap up Stephen Jackson make those tackles perhaps not very good chance of winning this game. Now both teams in the water on the ball but don't have to probable course for the 49ers -- choice and getting his second start. Korda gets shield logo and top it polluted don't. You realize -- -- Mike Singletary daughter that has nothing to do with anything about it -- backed up there Atogwe is a big play guy. The -- secondary. Troy Smith is gonna wanna get the ball didn't you play action pass get involved -- Crabtree to. Davis -- Josh Morgan today it. So the foreigners do you have to make some plays in the passing game to be successful on the other side the Rams quarterback. -- -- one of the bright young stars he's a very good rookie season. He's going to be -- -- -- he's going to be wanting to make plays against the 49ers secondary those safeties the safeties to -- and Taylor meets at them forcing turnovers this season. Big opportunity for tee shot -- he battled through injuries percent this season including media wrist injury. He's got to start making some big plays for the Predators defense to be. To raise it to that level that dates back. Need to be it carried the eighteenth in the second half the disease so those are some of the matchups to watch Sunday candlestick park. I'm -- -- go I will be out there wanted to check it was like Chad. About an hour before kick off at candlestick park.

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  2. who this is going to affect the Rose is their routes. His Robbins is a one who has to make all the calls. He is big and talented ..... kill him I'm massive talent purposely did that the Bears Robbins . But the circumstances are what they are. I don't think

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