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2.3: Sean Payton, RAW



  1. Drew Brees0:24, 1:04
  2. Reggie Bush3:48
  3. Super Bowl5:01
  4. Robert Meachem4:32
  5. San Diego2:54, 3:17
  6. crowd noise2:03
  7. offensive line coach2:56
  8. quarterback coach0:27
Thu, 4 Feb 2010|

Machine Generated Transcript

Just finishing up this morning meetings and practices afternoon. -- little bit different schedule wise but. That being said. Transition everything's gone pretty well just a -- any questions. Shut up here in the front. A two quick questions what are lighted a little bit one what's the best thing about coaching Drew Brees and the second and is why is Joe Lombardi your quarterback coach. The minutes of the second -- first win Doug Morrow left last year to go be the head coach at Syracuse Pete Carmichael was promoted to the coordinators position. And then Joe. Who have worked is a quality control coach was promoted. So Pete. On a daily basis as a coordinator as well as Joe both worked withdrew. In one of the things I've been fortunate enough to it and I've said this before I have a good support staff good group of coaches and we always try to look from within when it when it comes to promotion. Obviously when it comes to coaching a guy like Drew Brees there lot of unique traits and characteristics that. That that make it. A good relationship you know he's driven. His expectation levels are -- of himself it's got great work ethic and his talented. All those things. -- on motion is a big part of your offense. The reason for that. One and the problems that Korea out creates for a defense and the advantages it gives you -- as well. Well that there's certain plays that are more motion friendly. Sometimes. It allows the receiver. A better release. That if he was stationary in other words that the guy in charge or reroute him. When he has to move as well. May not be able to get his hands on it was clearly. Other times. It may be just simply to get leverage. On defense you know -- to get to a landmark may be a little bit more effectively than a tight split and you know sometimes when your playing with a lot of crowd noise. You're you know -- lineup in some nastier tight splits without motion because your word about the the silent count so. There's a lot of reasons for hopefully you know when we do some like that there there's a reason we're doing and other than just to do it in. You know the timing of it motion landmarks snap count all those things factor in. -- Steve DeVine said that it was your persistence that -- in your first up -- statement that you turn out to be heck of a coach just hoping you could speak to your time there and. Since well I was. I was played over in London. 1987. And I knew I wanted to get into coaching. And it you know really the route in colleges to become a graduate assistant you know and it's it's very common in. And yet challenging didn't have to find one of those graduate assistant ships and Steve DeVine was at San Diego State he was the offensive line coach he was also the coach in charge of hiring. The G gays and threw several conversations overseas. And then eventually a letter in. You know is really hired over the phone. Shortly thereafter you know made my way back to Chicago you know Naperville worst home and and pack the car up and drove to San Diego broke down somewhere in Colorado and and arrived that are. Three days later and you know Steve was someone that was very instrumental and get me started in. You know state with his family for -- Three or four weeks and they're just really try to get a break and usually for all of us -- whatever career year and there's always someone that that. Is responsible many people responsible for for help and and certainly he played a big role in the in the beginning of my development. Coach you've you've said before that Reggie Bush has found his picture phone -- rule. What did it take for him on the learning curve to it to get to where he's dead now. Well I think a player like Reggie like a lot of young players coming out you know other junior first off so they're younger and their development but. You know since he's been here 06. You know he's big part of what we've done. 070 wait it's battled through some injuries but. You know he's been a big part of our success offensively and whether it's in the passing game in the running game clearly players. That come view is juniors. Early outs. Have to have that much more growth potential just in regards to all the the logistics of the game you know you see a guy like Robert Meachem you know came out early but he juries develop you know his. Overall understanding of what we're doing. Is is certainly increase he's been in the same system and you know he gives us a dimension bit in the running game and the passing game it might be mr. action. That that's unique and then began an 06 and his continued did today now and has been a big part of why we've been successful offensively. Sean regarding head coaches that you know the coaching the Super Bowl had you reached out to any for advice how to prepare for -- when he called you. -- have talked to a few guys them and guys that are close to me some guys maybe that aren't as close and you know they've been very helpful. You know I think we're always in this teachers trying to. Covers much as we can. And gathers much information as you can in your preparation. Talk about Garrett Hartley. At that -- overlooked element in just his make up. Under pressure and how much on parties and help them. Well as good compliment. You haven't John. Here and as we transition back quicker was kicking you know dirt came to us a year ago mid season. And yeah our guys did a good job.

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