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10.21 Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak on Niners

Wed, 2 Oct 2013|

Gary Kubiak only spent one year in San Francisco, but the Super Bowl-winning 1994 49ers taught the Texans coach key lessons.

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  1. Are the 49ers or Texans under more pressure to win on Sunday?

    though it's a much different deal. They're burning Jersey in the parking lot at Reliant Stadium. They're demanding that Gary Kubiak be fired yesterday. An owner Bob McNair pays attention to stuff like that. So pressure the other forty really want to win

  2. The Green Room: How do the 49ers stack up with elite?

    Phillips you look at what he has done defensively. With that group. And you know offensively what we everyone is always known Gary Kubiak is is great with the offense and and they got the West Coast offense but but they have. Every position. And that team is

  3. 4.27: Sharks practice -- Joe Thornton

    talking and and don't give mixer turnovers but. Don't ground up working out there that think you can monsters is. Yeah Gary Kubiak teams are toward different from last year and mom you know other you know there are a long series last sugar you know six

  4. 10.6: Gutierrez -- Oak/Hou Matchups to watch

    hue Jackson housing unit responded this. Going up against Gary Kubiak who a lot of people coming in the season was kind of on the ..... coach in Hugh Jackson against a guided many she's been on Gary Kubiak . That they gave in in you have to come back and show that

  1. Kubiak recalls how Super Bowl-winning 49ers overcame adversity


    Wed, 2 Oct 2013

    Gary Kubiak only spent one season in San Francisco, but the Super Bowl-winning 1994 49ers taught the Texans coach more than one key lesson.

  2. Kubiak upset to see Barwin, Casey leave for Eagles


    Wed, 20 Mar 2013

    Texans head coach Gary Kubiak wasn't happy to see Connor Barwin and James Casey reach deals with the Eagles because he loved them in Houston.