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  2. Aaron Rodgers2:06
  3. green bay Packers2:05
  4. 49ers0:04, 1:07, 1:57
  5. Max Unger0:16, 0:44
  6. the Packers0:22, 1:25
  7. Golden Tate2:30
  8. Marshawn Lynch0:50
  9. Seahawks2:34
  10. nose tackle0:19, 0:30
  11. press coverage1:32
Fri, 13 Sep 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

This is -- vehicle with your three matchups to watch for the 49ers game Sunday night against the Seattle Seahawks by 30 PM on NB CTV. Matchup number three. Nose tackle Ian Williams against Seattle's center Max Unger and Ian Williams was the forty -- first string nose tackle in the season opener but he rarely got on the field because the Packers were always in. Three wide out for white out situations. Which means that the prayers are in their nickel defense in the nose tackle as a person off the field in that instance. Against the Seattle Seahawks. They're gonna use a lot more -- office which means that Ian Williams is going to be out there matched up on there's a call and also athletic center Max Unger is very important for in a way it's a -- the point because the Seattle Seahawks are gonna wanna run Marshawn Lynch and he asked to do a good job so that guys like. Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis behind him can run and make plays. -- our shot lanes and limit him to under a hundred yards to execute this game. The number two matchup of the game. Is 49ers wide receiver Anquan Bolden against Seattle cornerback Richard chairman Richard -- six foot three likes to get his hands on wide receivers reroute them at the line of scrimmage and on all the enough physical player in his own right 220 pounds there's going to be a battle at the line of scrimmage the bullet did not see against the Packers. Pulled of course at 208 yards receiving in that first game it's going to be a lot more typical against Seattle because they're going to be playing press coverage he's not going to be able to sit down and zone. Defense is in get passes from Colin happening he's gonna have to work hard from the snap of the ball throughout his routes so watch for that. -- call or that a guy who silent on the field -- played was talking to Richard Sherman a guy that likes to do a lot of yakking up there on the field. And match up number one that number one matchup will be. Eric -- the 49ers rookie safety against quarterback. Russell Wilson. Air -- obviously had a huge stats in his first game against that's. The green bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers but it doesn't get any more easy against. The Seattle Seahawks and the reason is because Russell Wilson can make plays with his feet he can buy a lot of time so that's gonna put added stress on the secondary and in particular free safety. Eric -- So Russell Wilson will be looking up by some timing get the ball down the field such guys as Doug Baldwin. Sidney Rice and Golden Tate is going to be imperative that Eric -- have a good game and limit the Seahawks ability to make a big play.

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