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8.13: 49ers Training Camp- Diyral Briggs, RAW



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  2. Blazers1:32
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Fri, 13 Aug 2010|

Briggs knows he an underdog but relishes the role.


Machine Generated Transcript

There's. Well Glen Coffee really -- Bone loses morals. Synopsis missing -- golden moments in the feminine men so. It was pretty hard you know because -- -- it was just something going you know keep track you know. And I think this I don't know closer with content that something was doing and. Actually couldn't return you know because it was time we got it just total Mercury day you know and you know here it is also. It was more sun and you know to -- and I think anybody else. It was more -- -- Just in. Justice system so he's you know my sister Venus remains that his first experiences that he was on here before even after colors. Did you get a sense from Romo among Cardinals lose. Oh my god I was kind of -- gave -- -- we always talk about football you know. And and I just I just consistency comes. To handle the early years yeah. Last year came on it undrafted free agent going green from your injury is. This has been known. Eventually you journey you know you've notebook and is that -- -- -- And just continue to get better and better each day. Each weekend and hello great opportunity you know actually get a chance assume so okay I'm bigger I'm stronger. Just try to get my you know but still felt like I got a lot. Blazers golden ball that tomorrow my -- -- on the underdog. And I think there are some place -- -- something. From home and there. If any of that his -- two games all just -- democracies refused -- -- -- group you know when Sosa for me you know. You know from god god forbid you know out of Neitzel Simon or whatever happens this is like my resident for the rest you know. Team doctors.

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