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Fri, 27 Nov 2009|

Head Coach Mike Singletary addresses the media on November 27th, raw and uncut.


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Thought. We get into. We drive through a practice move it to be Rio. -- -- -- over exerted so. So well we're pretty good so we will see. Me. -- Good afternoon. Questions. Current. Saw some -- time. We drive through -- practice moving to studio. B Harry Romo over exerted so. So -- do pretty good so we'll see. In -- moved close to him. You don't I think. -- -- I didn't doing much better job I think pure -- movies they were really well together and then when you're not beer. Pats do. Do you know will be. Matt Wilhelm who talk and -- Used to doing. But hopefully this week to fuel step up and be ready to go to the people keep in his book. Oh sure that it had. Something did. -- -- we know we'll go there -- -- -- you know I would. Certainly. Continuity. And can you release. Really hope that Iraq needed. To. -- to. Recent history. -- yeah memories. -- and I had. I'll be good counts and he definitely has. Bigger -- -- a big challenge because. -- you've got a huge offensive linemen and next thing you know we use them I don't know where you really well. Behind him so neighborhood network horses we hear our team in the DePaul run. So well. He's he's been affected guys who we we definitely there and. Rules you call. We'll see you play it actually. They needed. Him go. Here and there. You don't. -- -- -- For me I was kind of small team so when the big problem for me. A lot of -- you view the -- For a lot of guys that we don't have huge gap the pattern. You should be just fine from some of it is because blood. You know they've -- I've been -- little -- -- fired. Besides. These -- short yardage. -- houses at -- use that you. It's. Good. Five can be induced. Sure obviously it didn't do you usually guys -- -- -- we really compact. And hughes' latest move in behind -- pollen that's in what now. The offensive line for the great job -- people. So the we we have to reevaluate it and we'll -- -- your -- mind you great job pullen right along with a -- that help keep us. Yeah yeah. No we didn't pujols lead then we got him going forward -- -- could be -- I guess soon forces them or. Love. And size but it didn't it was. No but. Actually we're in your head off. It is it's it's not a big thing we just not to mention things that could possibly come out in the game and just -- room -- little things that you community. Media blitz read before the games we can look at it hard to. Yeah excuse. -- time movies online quote. We're. Hold on. You know what I would say yes they do -- good job blocking. Not like if you. There -- definitively what I have to do the there's going to be do everything yeah. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Cheering and of course there. Played. -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- Haven't gotten quite yet but I I came. And I would say that only -- Ideas that he will. But -- Galaxy didn't make any. Really good progress -- -- role. We're all thankful making progress he made him so hopefully we just continue to go forward without. The end up he can continue to get better week to week. You know it helps us that much more. Trying to get what we need ago. Then. Well. I would say. -- point one thing. Whenever you look at quarterback it's all about when. And I speak. You can say it is kind of hockey team you know wo man -- players -- -- on this team that beat you when you know well in the opposite. This kind of like that isn't what it's -- good quarterbacks complete. Didn't win. So. -- -- -- So why do you go out. I think he deserves to continue working on our team and everything else in and we used to do when this thing together and and we -- -- -- -- -- -- Are those. Qualities. We're back to. Play us we're not be. Or should be one. I would. I would see this. It's kind of like the whole thing with. Leadership. You can point it is -- an equipment making it behind him right. Problem you know our leader board or they -- People. When I think about Dallas. Talking about the option. -- home. He's got -- that he doesn't want to. One to me you not. Typical. All mentality. Notebook quarterback. -- -- cheese state this is what I want is what he's not he's not like that and I think that's how I. Our home and I'm sure once or don't see more and more assertiveness on some more and more oh. New York. Quote all of this I don't mind. And those kind of things so. I think he has tremendous asset for him. Did you guys. Stewart wouldn't be molded. You wouldn't listen. And he is not all of a sudden those we'll close it down you know all the sudden. You know the greatest quarterback in the world news to -- And I think this -- so. Going forward I think he's gonna find his balance. How ruinous violence and more he used to -- let let us know where you know what you stated. And I think he -- he had been only applies to me. I don't want to call -- -- one -- don't make this about me one of the -- about 21 of your body off. -- they definitely didn't -- -- have been great moves and we look back with the core of these. Do you guys it is. Well does what and who say you know what we're gonna go here it would have been. Not a world power. What will be will be in the communication. Yeah I think ego. He gives you permission. You do to -- Hope it's obviously this is what I want -- what do you. Well this. Yeah we we we need to know what is he. -- -- -- A lot -- yes. But I mean there's only I don't know yes. Obviously -- -- Very clear and concise about Woody. They want. It and very. The so -- black guys. He can do. And I think he's you are now. So moguls who do you like better -- Because he had put me at all alone. Yeah yeah I think his tremendous advantage for him and us. -- -- -- Not since we didn't guard I think this week. Artwork back. -- -- Q what do I want. What else. I think goes you understand the zone it's yeah. You went. From a team -- It's. -- and look at. Oh. I. I guess for me out when I look at zero defense. -- go to those big guys up front. And now they've they've come -- the ball really do good job -- physical guys. They're DB. There's. Places usually alone and I just think we just have to go out and and -- do what we do I don't think we we need to. Try and pick up anything else this squad and execute the off season and hopefully you can. We can put together early. Hopefully we can execute early. And find our niche fired thousands and holed that. Unless it's. And again that's a lot of the yeah me. Doesn't play anymore. The last whatever you've -- You know kind of who weren't would be too far. Game Lawton Christian -- you talked about -- we. So. Yes definitely. Did their job and warm here.

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    I think pure movies they were really well together and then when you're not beer. Pats do. Do you know will be. Matt Wilhelm who talk and Used to doing. But hopefully this week to fuel step up and be ready to go to the people keep in his book

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    linebackers have to be very disciplined going down you'll. To make sure that they're fitting in in the very well. Matt Wilhelm . Stepped in and and did a nice job for to deal and to reason that we wanted to go with Scott. a bad in a moment ago