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Three and Out: Raiders pick up practice pace, Moore maturing



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

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The Raiders have picked up their practice -- this week in preparation for Sunday's game against the Eagles up tempo style of offense. That is -- still on balance but really what they want to do is lock you into a certain personnel package and force you to operate with the eleven guys that you have on the field. The Raiders they have a problem with that because Jason Tarver says they can. That he can call almost any play for any personnel package that he believes that they match up well a assuming they can stop the run game then they can stop the Eagles. Raiders outside linebacker -- Moore is the resident. Prankster of this group but he's starting to learn when to take things more seriously and that's happening during practice. In film study and also during team meetings where he's really hunkered down. Become more organized and therefore become a much better player on Sunday. Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson spent most of his Thursday press conference defending how is unit has done. In the second half of football games -- struggled mightily in the second half over the last three games especially. On Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers when they only had 35 yards. And a late lead slip because the offense wasn't able to steadily gained yards and Greg -- answer. For these problems is simple. Just execute better guys especially in the run because there are times when you have a -- to get to churn out the clock keep those chains moving and run the football well. Even when the other team knows what you're doing.

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  1. Olson: 'Lack of continuity' reason for O-line issues

    He's more about identifying what we do what we don't do well we kind of you know identified herself first and commission that were there people in the right places doing the right thing. Anything well again it just because the flux but we had in the offensive line you know one run that might be

  2. Olson: Orakpo and Kerrigan create matchup issues

    Yeah I think yeah. You know based him. How the game in thrilling two we knew that can and when we got back on the plane at that might be the situation so can put together two different. Two different packages at this point. You know I will will decide that with coach Allen make that decision as a

  3. Olson: Veldheer's injury will impact how we use everybody

    again you know we're just still searching for the right pieces of Bryant and you go into the season every year with a plan and how you think it you can put those players in position to be successful when one goes down. You may have to make adjustments along the way but that's to me that's the NFL.

  4. Olson: No WR has jumped out, expect 'catch-by-committee'

    You know I again I just think that when kicker and to put that you put try to put a plan together. When those things happen in and that players had to step up I think competitive players understand and players that. Play professional football understand that You know it happens all the time though

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