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Maiocco: 'Roman deserves a lot of credit'



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Mon, 28 Oct 2013|

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Inside them. All the way across the pond at Wembley Stadium in. Matt there was a lot of talk about Greg Roman being up for the Jacksonville jag wire -- while ago he didn't get it. Maybe today pulled out some stops against the team that sort of snubbed him was that any motivation because they certainly look good creative and. Then they certainly did when you think about it last year you talked about it. Great Roman was considered a major candidate for that Jacksonville job. Because they knew. General manager of that team is David Caldwell David Caldwell. And Greg Roman were roommates at John Carroll university. And of course Greg Roman does very bright offensive mind. Does a lot of different things of that 49ers offense and boy he did some extra special things today with field. Breaking Bruce Miller out wide for a wide open play itself out to start the game off. Forty hours office was really -- bounce and it looked very well coached and it's early Greg Roman deserves a lot of credit for coming up with -- very creative game plan. Now what do you hear about all the Smith what's the latest on his recovery did the commissioner speak about it and what's his future with this team. Yeah in fact that's -- the news so little this London trip. Was that I had an opportunity to ask the commissioner Roger Goodell on Saturday. What he thinks of moments Smith and whether that the fact that all Smith decided to check himself voluntarily. Into treatment. One had any impact on what the NFL decides to do punishment wise and Roger told me that absolutely yes it will. He says that he'll define. Suspensions he goes those aren't. Really did they don't -- disciplined guys what they wanna do is stop the behavior they get these guys in trouble in the first place. And the fact that all the Smith was able to do this and see he had a problem and try to get help. How will play a part in what happens next. So what does happen next I also talked to -- balky. He says that the prayers expect to meet with -- very shortly and if he shows that he's made progress all Smith will be back on the forty hours roster to finish out this season. Well speaking about coming back to this roster you got Manningham already back at practice. Crabtree is gonna come back is it kind of scary. For the opposition Matt this team's 15 and overall they haven't been full strength and they may be full strength soon especially with -- all the coming back as well. Yeah I mean think about it right now. They're potentially six players you mentioned to -- Eric Wright's another guy nick moody on special teams -- carried a second round draft pick. There -- six guys who could be coming back this team including Nolan Smith so that means six guys currently on this roster could find themselves out of a job. So when you look at it that -- really good news for the 49ers this. Those six guys are going to be out of a job will be replaced by six players who were better. So I think the 49ers have a chance in the should be a better team in the second half of the season then they are right now. That the 49ers said that La Michael James is not on the trading block but. You wrote Anthony Dixon you heard Anthony Dixon might be what's the latest with that. Oh well there's no doubt that we -- think about it makes sense. Hey -- Dixon is a guy did he plays special teams he's in the final year of his contract. And also I alluded to the fact -- prayers are gonna have to get rid of six players so that they can get something for one of those six and probably would be nothing better than a seventh round draft pick. The prayers have to do that the issue is is there going to be a team out there -- want Anthony Dixon for only eight games and give up the draft pick for him so. That would be an opportunity for Anthony Dixon to create a roster spot for one the guys coming got it also opened the door. For La Michael James to get on the field -- Michael James inactive for the first third straight time and Kyle Williams. Really struggled on punt returns kick -- returns he struggled in every imagine what area. Kyle Williams struggling like he did might open the door for La Michael James to now be a part of this team and as a contributor on special teams. That last question and I'll let you go what are you bringing me back from London I don't want you to spend too much money but obviously it. I'd like you to bring me back something and I know you've been thinking of me. I have been -- I got some fish and chips -- and fortunately I don't know if that'll be at a -- by the time he gets back to the Bay Area itself. We'll see how that works out. Tonight I was hoping for something good about Mayo -- nobody knows this team. Better than that they'll go across the pond in London England thank you Matt.

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  13. Jim Carlos Now I. Or daddy and it is beyond. Me what things work out. My feelings are that the rule needs to be refined. To make it a good rule. And I'm not gonna get to them the wording in the terming the turn in other terms of news and via. Specific. Legalese of it but it it it. If it's not.

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  15. Good morning. Worked him out guys are working hard. That's what training camps all about I think we're very fortunate to have some really good leadership. On offensively Anquan Bolden as a guy that's. Done nothing but impress since day one. Was how we approached his job how we mentors teammates.

  16. He's nameless faceless opponent.

  17. In the pre season. It you know we're not so much concerned about what we call as opposed to whose then what are we what are we wanna see them do. That that type of thing. You know is the tactical. Approach. Is one that some tape I don't know that we do. You know. Pre season's a great time to build

  18. Morning. And our second pre season week. Guys are working real hard. We're working through a lot of different situational stuff based. And you know Kansas City Chiefs are second pre season games and other great chance to. Get out and evaluate who what we're doing. Who we got and guys competed hard

  19. You know I AJ is working hard you had a couple plays the other night that he it like to have back but he had some good plays. And you know we of the help that. They come after game you learn from it and move on to get better and that's what we're doing. you know. I think is out there some competing

  20. The 49 old line hungry for success and genuinely hungry they've been on the run through down. A lot of piece together. The key word together starting five returns intact from last season good for football and yes good for bonding. I think the one thing where you are alarms and a brotherhood so it's