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YSTL: Was it a good idea for the 49ers to stand pat at deadline?



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Tue, 29 Oct 2013|

The 49ers did not make any trades before Tuesday's trade deadline, with players returning from injury. In fact, only one trade was made, which made for a completely boring deadline, as per NFL usual.


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Guys that are coming back a couple of wide receivers Mario Manningham. May come back very soon -- the torn ACL Michael Crabtree with the Achilles tendon all the -- classic coming out of rehab Eric -- a very good player. And -- take care that they actually activated. Two -- we're gonna activate Scott ouster from the chronicled that very topic for. CSN Bay Area she is in their dot com contributor boys I'll start when there's gotta get there you have niners do the right thing today by doing nothing essentially at the NFL trade deadline. You bet you -- I think it the right thing I think ten -- he is still work east on scholarship. Until he starts making a bunch of dumb moves well I'm not saying he's going to but until he does I think we get the benefit of the doubt and apparently they couldn't come with a trade that would work for them and I think to be fine I think the team will be. Kind of picking up momentum as -- -- is this season gets into the middle and late stages I think it's a good thing Scott is the NFL trading deadline the most boring trade deadline in the history of American sport nobody ever get straight guy has gotten me. One trade if and his baseball they just shut baseball that's our baseball lives for. Basketball less so but yeah absolutely why don't trade in the NFL very we need more treated more Herschel Walker type deal. I think you know and actually if memory serves I think the one trade that was made this year is one more than it was made last year and if you get off I mean yeah. -- another reason why I'm sure it has to do with contracts and all that sort of thing but nobody seems to be doing yet and I guess this just what you know we're gonna have to live with.

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