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12.4: Hines Ward and Big Ben on the Raiders



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Thu, 31 Jan 2013|

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Joined by two time Super Bowl champ Hines Ward played in three super balls will talk about the two victories that you're here. Randy Moss and he's the greatest of all time and then release saying he's the greatest of all time would you make of that until -- Everybody is entitled to their own opinions from Randy Moss I mean he's company guy believes in this -- said but you know it's like. There'll never be another Michael Jordan that would never be another Jay -- you know Jerry Rice and me as one. Randy Moss of course to me this is to let you know Randy thinks he's the best. Receiver ever of all time then he's entitled to his opinion he said it was because of the impact he set I don't always believe in stats you caught over 121000 yards of passes. And Jerry Rice says it is about stats and it's about rings and Randy doesn't have the -- -- thereafter drew Jerry you know is about raises about you know what you do in the post season which is doing the Super Bowl in. In Jerry's about bar he set the bar so high I don't think anybody will ever reach that level that Jerry Rice and you know reached. Randy Moss was a key part of the 49ers though played a key role he said. Finds that. He doesn't like being in the detour and Michael Crabtree -- the real big guy and if he did love as a role. Oh what do you make of that what say you know -- receivers you have to complement each other you know I think a lot of Crabtree success has a lot to do Randy Moss take in the coverage off him but. You know Randy has to understand is not about Randy Moss -- about San Cisco 49ers and sit together as a group. Collectively they found a way to get to the Super Bowl. Never -- -- or go out there making about Randy miles vs the the Baltimore Ravens sepsis those gonna struggle we still got to go out there and help Crabtree get them open it don't matter who gets the kids -- or yards is about winning this bargain Wednesday the first.

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  1. Ward : 'There will never be another Jerry Rice'

    Joined by two time Super Bowl champ Hines Ward played in three super balls will talk about the two victories that you're here. Randy Moss and he's the greatest of all time

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  2. award not seen many people's hasn't been here receive the award and more desired. And also know that the whoever gets there ward doesn't necessarily come back the following here. So hopefully that's not an in my case yes and very humble and I'm very

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  5. about my feet. Long about 44 wide ovals are really big you can get and I was foam pewter. This definitely won't play you know ward isn't that a beautiful thing about it is you replenish but the bad thing about it is you're reminded. This year's victory

  6. victory of my career and then to get hit with this a couple of months later we just. Really deflated. And it's 100 days Andre Ward went from claiming this super middleweight championship to struggling to even lift his right arm after tearing his rotator cuff

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  10. keep and athletes understand that they understand the idea of hey all we're trying to do is get the best teammates on the. Ward I know this is an important cause street still turn it back over you wise it's important to you what do you think this message

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  17. 35. Third quarter here comes Golden State Harrison Barnes. Game points for the rookie. Bit later curry. Gets a three and ward is up 7475. this since midway through the books. Next trip down Andrew Bogut JaVale hey I don't like this here. Really liked

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  20. top the first Eagles during exams are rocket down the line right we're gonna lots of big man right is that part of a big game ward Derrick. The Eagles did not score in the first with the Chargers did. Pit road is Stephen it into the hole left by the vacated