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10.10: SD/OAK Postgame- Hiram Eugene



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Fri, 10 Dec 2010|

Can the Raiders continue to run the ball effectively in Jacksonville?


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Quick update nick Miller we -- and a mild ankle sprain yesterday -- limited today. Schilling's was limited Miller and Zach Miller limited McClain did not practice again. John Henderson practiced limited. Jarvis Moss did not practice I was -- hand fracture. Also morals limited branch was limited to Hiram Eugene did not practice and Chris Johnson practiced limited. I do here. You know Clinton and -- -- -- Yeah -- work -- you were working on that right now -- he seems to be fine and so as long as we get through monitoring them that nothing we can get back. We're we're so. It yeah I think it's -- and a nice steal for -- you know he's given us the freedom to do so obviously Michael has the skill to go out there put. You can't do if you don't feel good about the safety in the bathroom. -- A lot of friends now and hopefully play well that's why we feel fine about it it's just trying to be smart right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean it it is improving you know and so it's just a matter of rest and it not not kind of keeping it to as a negative injury in. Well believe so -- so. -- Laws well throw the ball to you know immediate superior receiver 89 I didn't Portuguese Lewis there -- the football him as well. I would think the key I think after running game has been able to contain quarterback and grew large and very good athlete. Good on the street in his -- stability. Still. -- -- The song but you know I would say it's probably won't have the same as it used to be it was a little bit different style before different coordinator that -- We've been good you know I'm anxious to go look at the practice film it's Thursday in. Some inconsistent things you wanna work out for tomorrow but it's kind of typical. But him I'm excited I think -- -- Thank you justice -- Month. You know I think it's been good that we haven't it really doesn't come up and -- -- the plan and it went and it in the room they've adapted well. Just keep stress until we go to hydrate noted the extra sleep. There were -- on them on the back and so I think it's been fun. -- It's. -- Right. -- -- -- Yeah it's not a new issue of may and certainly I'd like him hit balls would do that had been an opportunity that way I think -- thing that I'm probably most impressed about Jacoby she's doing everything else -- is blocking. -- your best blocking receiver right now has been. He's doing a lot of dirty were -- and the emotion down cracked and blocked defensive ends and cut off safeties and the rub -- known for -- touchdown I think things like that are shown up more and more. So he's doing his job and the opportunities -- come. It's it's. Here if Jacoby started you know got up and -- and got around with -- and he just turned catching the ball right there. So it was an either or and if she's hit the ball go Cougars -- him. Access. Rules. -- -- -- We're pleased with effective he's continuing to progress so you know yeah we'll try to -- him you know a little bit more involved in them. Just happy that he's out there and working because he really brings something to our team and you know sustain grows and in terms and so when he gets more confident. Yeah we'll try to expand his role definitely. Answer. This. Here yeah. Did a lot of good things and you know there's 5056. Plays so that he'd be the first to tell you. You know were were not to the level that he needs to Villa but I think overall as a group that played well and Sampson was part of that definitely. How can read my. Only because of numbers you know just in terms of guys coming back healthy and all that but his progression is going I think well. You know he needs -- terrific offseason but I think she's going to be dynamite player -- for -- relate -- him the more I'm around him in the morning get to work with them. He can learn and he gets it and once he has it you know it's it's and there is locked down and and I like it so. My my plan is that I think it's future's very bright. -- Help for right now I think it is what I mean we know we can play tackle but you know when you watch that should run and -- how powerful he is -- side sometimes anchoring down. He would do some real stability inside that are so. You know we'll see what the future holds but I like court he's going -- -- -- You know I don't know might call -- -- -- look at it like -- if you have a small parking place and you're trying to put a big Cadillac and it sometimes doesn't quite fit you know. And when guys don't quite fit in there for whatever reason they don't comfortable in space outside or. You know they don't even handle the length of it meaning their -- their long but -- don't play won't. There's no business put them their -- tore up and in so. He would -- big powerful guys like that it -- I think it really stabilizes your line I think you talk about knocking guys off the ball and keep in the pocket for your quarterback and the lotions and so. I'm not saying he can't go up -- tackle I think there's a chance this one could. But I think his transition from college and NFL. This was definitely the right thing to do because his progress every week you kind of walk off the field and Fridays and bad guys get a little bit better between. We're. What. It. Receivers. That you know -- let me. -- and just cared just as strong for the -- he's not about him. He's about this is what they ask me do this is my role on this football team and -- tournament. Not to knock anyone else you know mr. Vickers a lot of times you hear those guys want the ball -- -- this -- -- that. There's not theirs they're supposed to do whatever we need him to do when James he would like to catch a lot of balls in I think they're committed when that happens. -- -- -- -- -- -- No I just think it's ever think how fast he was good Carlo all of a lot of big plays in college. We didn't know about the character of the man and in all that so that we draft and for all those reasons. Place. Couldn't. Hit the ball. All. -- No I think I think when he did pull it down he would those are really good decisions -- not so you know to me as I said yesterday -- to me -- complete from beginning to end. And how I managed it there's a couple third down throws and -- he'd be the first session really cut loose in and you know dismayed to play. But when he did pull it down on those plays he pulled up for a reason.

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  15. title. Zags when it in overtime 8985. And up in Corvallis Oregon State knocks Stanford 8780 cardinal. Have lost around. DB Eugene Oregon Mike Montgomery and Celtic on the ducks and it was all organ in the first half years. See him winning easy sixteen point

  16. little bit that little that little that a distraction could have made it their You know a Lutheran and I'm out there. You know Eugene Robinson. An and yeah. There is yet bat I hope. Well let's hope that you know it was a really good. I perhaps. I really

  17. good. I'm really glad this first. Do appreciate. Yeah Not to say yeah this is is really tough today don't confound. Eugene had like thirty times small so. I'm definitely toughness but this is as good as is will be doing really competitive and on

  18. State game. And if there were women they started their game and ninety to one run and never looked back they beat Oregon in Eugene or nine he wanted to Six for the NBA or after showing signs the lights and winning or below the Warriors and law. Especially

  19. up against Jacksonville's franchise cornerstone left tackle Eugene Monroe so what better way to try to prove yourself against somebody that is the franchise the cornerstone Eugene Monroe with the Raiders and Jaguars matchup to watch this weekend

  20. Henderson practiced limited. Jarvis Moss did not practice I was hand fracture. Also morals limited branch was limited to Hiram Eugene did not practice and Chris Johnson practiced limited. I do here. You know Clinton and Yeah work you were working on