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Three and Out: Watson's cautious approach; increased role for Holmes



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Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Rookie offensive tackle middle like Watson has missed most of this season due to a series of injuries and setbacks from them. But he was back and healthy on the practice field Wednesday afternoon. Doug Watson told me on Wednesday that he hopes to stay that way by being a bit more conservative. With how he goes about his work but he may not have that option. Because the Raiders are still woefully thin at offensive tackle and Dennis Allen said that his number may be called on Sunday against the Eagles. Raiders head coach Dennis Allen expects that receiver Andre Holmes will have an increased role in coming weeks that's partially due to his emergence during practice and in games. And also due to mistakes made by Jacoby Ford -- Brice Butler. Brice Butler made two key drops including one that resulted in an interception for Terrelle Pryor and Jacoby Ford made a costly fumble against the Pittsburg Steelers now homes. He he's a bigger guy and he can play well in the slot and keeper and he's doing it in game so he can get more and more snaps as the weeks go on. Raiders left tackle Jared -- here received some good news from a specialist in Los Angeles earlier this week. Who told him that he's allowed to ramp up his football activity I think it's closer and closer to a return to the playing field. As a reminder he's missed all of this season due to a triceps surgery that he has been. Working to get back from a Dennis Allen said that he was on schedule what is on schedule mean that means he should be back in three months. And that -- would leave for him to be back in the starting lineup November 17 against the Houston Texans.

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  13. has been playing. Like that he had a very good game against the Rams last Thursday and then Sunday night against Houston Texans two interceptions one of which he returned for a touchdown. And another pass broken up so right now Jermaine Brock

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