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12.8: The Lo Down -- Hue Jackson for Coach of the Year?



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Sat, 18 May 2013|

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Two across the -- of the silver and black and the sudden I was reading you over Yahoo! Sports and Hamels threw some of my computer -- I had. Do you wind on this went Carson Palmer the do you hue Jackson may which is abysmal to give a person a second round pick and get nothing from this guy. You say hey wait a minute what's in the end of the deal what do you mean well I. I defended on many levels by the way Mark Davis made the trade center so publicly he owed him but he Jackson certainly have relationship -- the vandals. I understand what the Raiders are doing it was a weird time. Al Davis have passed away. They had a chance finally to bring some excitement back to the bay a division was winnable and not only does their McFadden go down and now Jason Campbell's out Kabul are not up a viable back up option. And they took us away. Defense let him down. Carson actually that played pretty well last year would have been better I think if you had stayed and I know it was a lot to give up a let's look. I hope people read this column if you look at what they really gave up. Plausibly we're not talking about them getting. Russell Wilson RG three or Andrew Luck they would have gotten a pretty good player last year and in Syria a good player this year but. -- not a franchise changing center -- go to Yahoo! Sports read for yourself and figured out for yourself we'll stay with the Raiders Reggie MacKenzie yeah to of his era. He's a make or break this quick or does he get a little bit more leeway to figure it out that's a great question I know he's behaving as though he absolutely. Is and I didn't -- you know playing for his job this year I think that is -- they have a little bit. Tougher circumstances but mark -- doesn't seem very patience I think it Reggie is my yet he's been assured. He's clearly got another year because on paper this year looks pretty rough for the Raiders and he's gonna try to build it. The old school way calmly and patiently but. If it's four to twelve or worse is Mark Davis just -- I take a bigger swaying and I know greater offense love this but. John Burns always lurking in the background. To see why would you bring that -- are doing this season tonight or poking the bear is what you're doing Jon Gruden I say I lived in Oakland -- -- I want raider fans they're such great fans are so fast and I want them sincerely. To experience the excitement that has been missing productive.

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    hard to make a move which hue Jackson but the fact that they ..... Hired Reggie McKenzie fire hue Jackson or he hired you Jack tired ..... the trickle down effect hue Jackson is out the defense this ..... mean for the defensive staff moving forward for the

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    There's definitely a different five here at camp Q I guess is the best way to put it hue Jackson is very energetic he's He's out there and in these kind of cut from the same club this as former raider coach Jon Gruden to

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  4. Jackson commented on status in addition to naming his starting five. For tonight's game. Well my starting lineup will be. Staff play Andre. David and boats and that's going to be just online we'll move forward I don't achieve those guys they've

  5. m not to guide has qualified to answer that question but we hope that is not an issue. Well my starting lineup will be. Staff play Andre. David and boats. That's going to online. Well again we're going. I've done it like this on. From day

  6. because they showed that they don't take teams with four records lightly. 49ers safety Donte Whitner says Jim Harbaugh and his staff are the most paranoid in the NFL they treat every opponent like it's a Super Bowl on. So even though the forty might basis

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  9. brilliance Obama and saw that we can imagine if they get out it's the second year. We had to sit there isn't if we can keep running backs bottled up and I didn't New York. With branch out and now technically ten new starters on his thank you guys have come

  10. to come back and played a game again but to get back to kind of where I was before I was is pretty special and you know the staff that here. You know they've got huge dividends you know where I'm a movie today we're look at some of your highlights

  11. On that tried to take a seven nothing but that play really showed the 49ers offensive What kind of confidence the coaching staff has Frank Gore said it's the kind of play that they know. They can make one yard when ever they want you and he gets the

  12. we practice really we are we have the most paranoid coach and staff and the National Football League. You know we go over things ..... s such a good coach and that's why we have such a coaching staff . Is because they've been in this situation before. They

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  15. quarterback here any by heavy week eight. But let's talk running backs and you're gonna go with the guy that is coming off his ..... accommodating defense again nearly five yards per opposing running backs . I think Connor he's only had won that game gets his second

  16. periods are right you come out of the out of the dressing room here encouraged and you get that high appetite being. Coaching staff looking to get more pucks to the front and act quicker create rebounds it does their pops out to Patrick Marleau he catches

  17. out front to get there. Family and friends sure and that and some can't how much do you think Tom Huntley lacked the wait staff . See that's not a fair question because I know the answer but it was with it. Thousand dollars they already on top 20

  18. there's not much difference really in in our opinion as a staff watching. These guys and how they play up front out of play ..... the engine and he's done a good guys had to match ups and running backs and we'll try to minimize those match has put. You can

  19. like to see where he's gonna do practice and then we'll teach in the scheme and Selig One thing that we do as a defense of staff is we wanna make sure we evaluate everybody that the personnel department gives us so we go back and look at our reports went

  20. the league you have to get into home and I give Isiah. So much credit because he he finally took the challenge Ted and his staff made him work seven as an all star but thought as they did a great job in guarding him. In that fourth quarter and we're