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YSTL : Maiocco explains timing behind Aldon Smith's activation



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Thu, 31 Oct 2013|

Why did the 49ers activate Aldon Smith on Thursday? Insider Matt Maiocco has the answer...


Machine Generated Transcript

Brought him back from Europe no time to get accustomed his story is mad and I -- go himself just got back from the loop and not -- in Paris so tell me about the news today the niners activated all the Smith had. Well once that -- Smith was released from that inpatient care facility for substance abuse. The forty has had to activate him as part of the in season in up in -- -- list so. Because of the timing of it might seem bizarre this so quickly after Jim Harbaugh met with him the prayers activated them. But he was something that they had to do in order to keep him available to play this season. Turn the niners are net thereby we Collins -- great players know Merlin Olsen over her deacon Jones. But will they be playing him in the first game after the bye against Carolina to get ready for the showdown November the seventeenth at New Orleans against the Saints. Well he'll be eligible to practice on Monday night fully expect him to play in the reason I say that is because he had to -- lie on September 1. Two days later the 49ers -- him well enough to play against Indianapolis Colts. Well the only thing that's happened is it all this this life is taken great step for. By taking part in this rehab program so I think you'll he'd clearly would be in a better place now to play any game and he would have been. Back on on December on September 22 so. I don't see any way that the 49ers keep this guy -- won the premiere pass rushes in the game on the sidelines. Other skeptics are gonna say he was in -- have facility for five games try to clear up your life I mean what do we know about all the -- actually taught actual time spent in the rehab facility. Well we we don't know much we we know that. As it turned off he said on last week that he had to show progress I've previously reported that the corners or can play him unless he showed progress. What we do know is it Jim Harbaugh. On Wednesday said that on Smith has shown a great deal of progress. Well how much can be accomplished and in a four week period of time we know Jed York. Said after that game against a Colts that this wasn't just a one day fix. The four -- have kept in contact with him they've all been encouraged by what they've heard from him what they've seen from him what they've heard from the clinicians there. So you know we we don't know much other than it seems to be that all Smith is in a better place now then where he was. Five weeks ago. Are you were in Europe with the 49ers the commissioner was there over the weekend and he was talking about all -- this situation here's what Roger Goodell said it. Thomas Smith the rehab and I'll be factored into his possible club punishment he said the issue here is not to dissident players. The issue here is to stop the behavior. And all the and your point is voluntarily set I need help for obviously there to support him before -- for the great job. Getting an indoor facility to try to get that help them. So we all support -- going out of bounds on the bottom line is the fact that held and went forward was proactive on the rehab facility. Well the commissioner still suspend him either at the end of this year the beginning of next year. Like usually these these suspensions are done after that there's legal process has run its course and it hasn't with all the Smith. Now talking to could -- and asking him that question I couldn't read exactly if that -- -- reduced suspension. I tend to think it means no suspension. And that what you'll feel as far as discipline is maybe hit to the pocket book right now the 49ers had been paying him his complete salary. During this time. And I would suspect that went all the Smith comes back and after things have settled down in the NFL -- thoroughly reviewed this case. -- all -- Smith will probably end up getting fines too paychecks. He's a very good player again but he's no deacon Jones and not my personal friend Merlin Olsen has been known to drop by on occasion. Matt thank you.

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