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What's Trending? Broncos not happy with giant Flacco poster



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Thu, 29 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

And so underwhelming talent has the latest on what's trending and I wanna start the National Basketball Association is that OK with humility that's fine with me exempt already let's do what the wanna let your players Kobe Bryant I know always rehabbing. -- injury how does he look when he plays basketball I. -- not back on the court yet but I know we've all that interested -- now how he's doing and how he's rehabbing his Achilles tendon while he briefly stop by the Twitter headquarters. And -- someone on and it gave up top this well he dominated of course. Thinking shot after shot after shot he ended up with a score of 87 and the -- it's. How to score 89 -- been -- another body video of them. Swearing -- -- the opponent is a little disappointed but either way you look dragging his -- and knocking the shot down and -- economic pop -- games -- that -- get back on the court what office -- a -- a shot. What are those are the did you you have you have a publisher and now we need one down here got a that we have air hockey game time league popped -- We do work here Melanie doesn't do not I'm guess I would not nearly as funny -- I am ready for some football but in Denver where they will open the season against all the glory isn't there an -- advertisement for opening night some very much so Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joseph Flacco like this is being -- -- a very interesting way to promote next Thursday's at a health kick off game the only problem is the giant poster that was plastered. On Mile High Stadium in Denver -- the game was originally supposed to be played in Baltimore but of course the Orioles had a scheduling conflicts. So here he is an all his glory. On the Denver Broncos who CF one out hits and three -- of the billboard from the stadium has since. Gone into effect and if anything out of it but I don't I be mad at an Eagles fan at an opposing quarterback is put up awfully. All that is a gorgeous look it is going to have the thought fuel looks. Flame is that we'll get that opening night off the right way I Hendry finally some more football stuff I was never boy scout but I always kind of believe the way I come prepared for anything but not as prepared as -- Houston Texans fan. Going to a game what do they bring there. Well we've given fans bring -- really -- things that tailgate they -- nothing's really out of the ordinary but this is interesting this woman brought her own net. Porta potty. And it felt funny to me about the photo and that there are a lot of -- bodies of thirty feet behind okay and I'm not. I thought I had -- at that point of bad. I understand I guess some people don't like to share data that you wanted to use your own play it.

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