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12.30: Isaac Bruce, RAW

Tue, 18 Dec 2012|

After the first series of the game, which Moss capped with a 24-yard touchdown catch from Colin Kaepernick, Moss moved ahead of Isaac Bruce with 15,220 career yards.

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  1. 11.17: Isaac Bruce RAW

    Isaac Bruce talks with reporters about relinquishing his starting WR role to Josh Morgan.

  2. 11.10: Isaac Bruce , RAW

    Happy Birthday Isaac Bruce ! On his 37th birthday, Bruce spoke to CSN's Mindi Bach on Tuesday.

  3. 1.3: SF/STL Postgame- Isaac Bruce

    One more time it appears as if he has played his final NFL game here's Isaac Bruce . Adam. I think that was so more into it from a must go receivers. It's what they wanted to so like make him happy so a did

  4. 10.26: Isaac Bruce comments on Crabtree

    Listen carefully to 49ers' soft-spoken WR Isaac Bruce say that Michael Crabtree's presence on the field makes it better for the other offensive players.

  1. Moss moves into third place on all-time receiving list


    Tue, 18 Dec 2012

    After the first series of the game, which Moss capped with a 24-yard touchdown catch from Colin Kaepernick, Moss moved ahead of Isaac Bruce with 15,220 career yards.

  2. guys. I mean it's been a lot of talent around me since I've been here it's because receivers. Lot of old guys Isaac Bruce of those guys that take. Anything. If I can learn something from from those guys and taken it and and down in my notepad

  3. Crabtree was going to be the starter but He helped him helped get Crabtree ready now that turned out. It was basically Isaac Bruce who lost his job. But Morgan what a selfless player that He would just He would work with Crabtree self I think this

  4. And you know success would conceive. So I really don't look at Tebow as eighties and you'll. Pool mainly look at Isaac Bruce and play 6070 years in this league then He got you know old news. He still can't. As a as you know so I'll pay

  5. 8.1: Michael Crabtree, RAW


    Mon, 2 Aug 2010

    just the NFC and other routes and everything didn't have of those numbers. You know I would get a lot of guys like Isaac Bruce those guys we got old tape loop is receiving corps. You know goes goes it goes so they bring takes it and he got a

  6. Vernon Davis pays his respects to Isaac Bruce from OTAs.

  7. mentally in terms of the technical part to detail part of you. Position. He's spoken. Music. I I have not spoken to Isaac Bruce and last season at the end of the season and I guess at some point in time do you that. And I thought much about

  8. 1.3: SF/STL Postgame- Takeo Spikes


    Sun, 3 Jan 2010

    look forward to what we have an engine and a few changes. Was to come. You're in your twelfth here any thoughts Isaac Bruce possibly and his last game of his sixteen year career and other veteran. Basis. It was it was emotion. I'm sure

  9. 1.1: Niners' New Year


    Sat, 2 Jan 2010

    come back and they cheer. One feel good aspect of the finale that was touched on earlier this week was the return of Isaac Bruce to play and perhaps his final game in Saint Louis. But after Bruce to not participate in practice again on Friday the

  10. 12.30: Vernon Davis, RAW


    Wed, 30 Dec 2009

    Vernon Davis speaks to reporters about Alex Smith, Isaac Bruce and being selected as a Pro Bowl starter.

  11. 12.30: Alex Smith, RAW


    Wed, 30 Dec 2009

    Alex Smith speaks with reporters about throwing passes to future Hall of Famer Isaac Bruce in the last game of his career.

  12. 12.30 Josh Morgan, RAW


    Wed, 30 Dec 2009

    The big day for the wide receivers. Yeah well because. Mike Singletary mentioned it and Isaac Bruce had touched on is well outside the ten and it's. The fact that players in this locker room lobbied to see him get an opportunity

  13. 12.23: 49ers Web Report- Finishing!


    Wed, 23 Dec 2009

    things got there and and I do my job offense go and do our job together as a unit and a this game. More than likely Isaac Bruce has played his final game for the 49ers as a wide receiver will not be active for the final two games of this season

  14. this receiving corps as tight end and what you saw specifically that second half. that we have as Morgan Jason Hill. Isaac Bruce Baron Davis. Right they coming out this aspect is that kids Frank Gore certainly got a lot of witnesses this about

  15. Scott McClure is gonna join us live from a candlestick it very simply Scott ask you first about your wide receiver. Isaac Bruce who was at a tender ankle for weeks in many. Aggravated in the game against Tennessee on Sunday and also re aggravated

  16. t know whether Michael Crabtree will start tomorrow or not but here's something not to be overlooked tomorrow is Isaac Bruce 200 start. In his sixteen year career Bruce led the 49ers in receiving last year he has faced the Texans only once

  17. 9.27: SF/MIN Postgame: Eric Heitman


    Sun, 27 Sep 2009

    I mean this the doesn't have to be just a smash power running offense we've got a lot of play makers. You know Isaac Bruce and Vernon walker I mean this is an office we can move the ball down through their playmakers and they stepped up today

  18. 9.13: Shaun Hill Postgame


    Sun, 13 Sep 2009

    seven and a half and it. Time and we controlled the clock you're able to really mix up the ball the past he passes Isaac Bruce and Vernon Davis wet was the decision to get away from Iran and kind of open at this field a lot of it. Well I don

  19. What are you seeing from the passing game from show on the and Alex and Isaac Bruce and Morgan and some of the younger wide receivers so far why I think more importantly Vernon you know Vernon as a great job I think

  20. don't read into that he did indicate that Alex has some reps as well. Any that led will start and Frank Gore and Isaac Bruce we'll sit this one out. Sound you'll. You'll start to game. Do not know who'll start next week. In relief