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Tue, 20 Aug 2013|

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Well not only challenge that opportunity we get to see. What our defensive line and our defensive tackles can do so. For example in the first -- pre season games there's guys that may not normally into the game until. The third quarter that -- in a first corner then Drew Brees or opportunities to evaluate them. In we have some guys respond last week you know our our younger defensive lineman. Jack Crawford did that. Ryan they image and play. So they've been able to get experience now we do what I see in this is what's good about our defense like that helped me what was your first unit played. So it'll be closer to that in the next two weeks it was good to see those guys and -- is doing well. Pat practice today sound so that was good it's nice to see those. Back end it there's more communication from linebackers to deviate then there is the. But what you want to establish with your. You gotta know when I got it singled how it's -- football so that you can hit off of -- -- stated he wanted to gap. At linebacker replaces so we do one again. Nick and Kevin and are starting linebackers working behind her starting interior tackles so we're creating more drills to do that. But what's been good is they've had a lot of technique playing behind a lot of different guys and that's been good for them learning -- -- what I like about pat is. He knows his assignment pat is a Smart football player. And so I don't think mentally he's too far away from knowing his assignment it's moreover. Just getting reps and that can be accomplished through drills and thirteen periods so I'm excited about that. As we go forward so I think it's it's just going to be practice time things like that. I'm not in control of the other stuff so our plan as many reps will play Monday that as many reps as we can. Based on the plan built by our trainers are into the gentleman's. You know Charles his first surprises me every day. The guys just covers ground yeah a couple more today a couple interceptions at practice today he's an amazing athlete. And that's why. He's a big piece. And hitting this defense to where we wanted to go. There are black jerseys and hopefully that cement his legacy because he can still cover ground he has great ball skills. He's got the great feel for when the quarterback's got to release the ball. And that's still there. He's practiced all camp and he's still is explosive that it stands and that's what makes the great DB Craig has that ability. To close the distance at the the point of no return when that ball's in the air he's he's showing that. And obviously we hope it continues but he's showing it. Still was better in the second game than it was in the first game. Still as great thing as I've said to you before and Q everybody is his position flexibility. Linebackers now -- to be able to rush dropped move shed blocks -- -- Because of the more spread offenses in the restaurant. So the more you can do the better it is CO. Him and has almost went through college entry the first two pre season and he didn't make as many plays as he wanted to last week and he learned -- -- things like that Drew Brees can avoid him. So he learned. And he's progressed and he was better which is get off he was better pressing the pocket last week and was the first week. Hopefully at the end of the week this week -- even show more too. So he'll be used in them. That on our team but -- there's a lot of different roles but he has progressed yes the more aware you war of the football. Obviously there's only one on the field again trouble at times my subject the comment that there's only one ball that's our job to get the ball so the ball the ball scored points not a player and when the -- And here we got to -- again having Charles around that stuff can be contagious in the second half you saw three straight drives. Right sack fumble and tipped interception. Most interceptions comes on -- over throws. So we emphasize that a lot and it happened three straight drives last week and got back in the game so it can become contagious and teams that Charles of bet on -- happened. So our guys are linemen and he'll whispered to him he does a good job he's been great with young players. Yes we start to practice with one of our coaching circuits. That is an emphasis on taking the ball away at all situations. We found some pieces we started an offseason we've found some pieces that we can do better -- the ball away more. And we emphasize those. On our third. -- practice days this day it was one of the reasons that coach Allen and Reggie. Had brought me in was my time at Stanford and of course you're playing the organ offense you know Chip Kelly who does a great job with -- and what we did is when we construct of our defense weren't room for what's best for the Oakland Raiders all of our defenses. Have roles built -- to play the pistol read option and the pistol formation. It's a formation that's allowed it it's easy for the quarterback to get away from the ball to see a little bit that's why people use. Some teams incorporate the read option or the things that you see others don't. It's something we're used Bristol like Denver's reasonable drop back quarterback but it's just so they into the water and just use it's just like a shotgun when that showed up -- this is cool. So people use it. So. Our rules are built and whether there and pistol whether either understand or whether -- gun and then we have certain things that we can get to when we play those. Yeah Brandon Marshall all these guys very excited -- I. I can't say enough about the character young man and he has movement skills to play corner and he's had a good week practices got an acceptable -- so far excited to see him. He looks good in the black actors -- it was good.

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