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Three and Out: Watson's cautious approach; increased role for Holmes



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Wed, 30 Oct 2013|

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Rookie offensive tackle middle like Watson has missed most of this season due to a series of injuries and setbacks from them. But he was back and healthy on the practice field Wednesday afternoon. Doug Watson told me on Wednesday that he hopes to stay that way by being a bit more conservative. With how he goes about his work but he may not have that option. Because the Raiders are still woefully thin at offensive tackle and Dennis Allen said that his number may be called on Sunday against the Eagles. Raiders head coach Dennis Allen expects that receiver Andre Holmes will have an increased role in coming weeks that's partially due to his emergence during practice and in games. And also due to mistakes made by Jacoby Ford -- Brice Butler. Brice Butler made two key drops including one that resulted in an interception for Terrelle Pryor and Jacoby Ford made a costly fumble against the Pittsburg Steelers now homes. He he's a bigger guy and he can play well in the slot and keeper and he's doing it in game so he can get more and more snaps as the weeks go on. Raiders left tackle Jared -- here received some good news from a specialist in Los Angeles earlier this week. Who told him that he's allowed to ramp up his football activity I think it's closer and closer to a return to the playing field. As a reminder he's missed all of this season due to a triceps surgery that he has been. Working to get back from a Dennis Allen said that he was on schedule what is on schedule mean that means he should be back in three months. And that -- would leave for him to be back in the starting lineup November 17 against the Houston Texans.

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  3. away from being able get something going in the return game and in. Yeah we got some explosive players back there. Jacoby Ford 's return in both punts and kicks. You know as well as return and punt so it's really about just. You know create

  4. And with that the rough is having the number one run defense in the league how important you feel it is to open the passing game either on this night. Definitely it's misused in sort of each I don't know the passing be one dimensional I don't think that that could make a lot harder than us so you

  5. You know I again I just think that when kicker and to put that you put try to put a plan together. When those things happen in and that players had to step up I think competitive players understand and players that. Play professional football understand that You know it happens all the time though

  6. Into the starting cornerback need to you guys you know he's the report come out saying. Throughout starting quarterback and you for the laugh at. Have to play it off salute it. You know giving anything away and that's something that we just keep this family and in the comments. It's hard to keep

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  8. Personal. Playing in would in prior getting this chance to attendant biggest addition the number went up. I'm it's a lot of fun to play a little he's coming had a big toes because he pretty much never know like what he's gonna do. Whenever he's in the doesn't have to scramble he's kind of got a

  9. make big plays. Now what does that mean for guys like Jacoby Ford . Did Darius more and the entire wide a receiving corps ..... Monday. Head coach Dennis Allen said that wide receiver Jacoby Ford was gonna take off. Cribbs is old duties now Ford was

  10. Well I think that's we'll start out the game. But yet I think when you look at. What he's done over his career as a kickoff returner. And what he did the other night. You know obviously I think he he. He can give us some and that in that area. Listen you never can look into the into the future and

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  12. that he was never going to get back to that same level. Moving forward they're going to they're going to rely on Jacoby Ford . You have returned kicks and that's always scary proposition considering how injury prone he's been over the last

  13. from. The parents are actual work everywhere yeah it was the same thing just kind of came on a little too quick Tighten up against them is kind of a little bit and He was talking not just to its feet and these guys and work because you don't want him back. did you even the only life. I can't let it

  14. University of Houston. Slowly but surely you Oakland Raiders are starting to get healthy once more. And that's because Jacoby Ford Mike and Vance Walker all practiced on Monday for the first time in quite a long period. Now for Vance Walker he hasn

  15. extent what it is I don't know you know wait to see after transit to what those guys that since really the same way. Jacoby Ford . Vance Walker won here with them. He's had a child the day so he should be back he's deductible. Guys that I

  16. think. This next month you know what at the end of today make him make or break a lot of these guys. Could turn out as Jacoby Ford looks to return to do I thought I always a good. You know I thought he was had a good camp before I went out with the

  17. right now. Raiders wide receiver. Jacoby Ford was back on the field for the first ..... is when you're talking about Jacoby Ford and injuries it's always a topic ..... those training wheels off. And let Jacoby Ford run. Oakland Raiders received

  18. You would expect you know there. For a promise I felt really good to get back out there you know just as you start getting back in the groove of things in. You know just I'm just eased back into that really hit it full full go yet my mother's about 90% and a and it and a simpler you. We're gonna

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    Any time missed is detrimental for a player too often out. And after missing the last four practices Jacoby Ford has some showing off to do.

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    After missing the last four practices with a muscle strain in his left leg, Jacoby Ford was back on the practice field on Saturday.