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11.22: CIN/OAK Postgame- Bruce Gradkowski



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Sun, 22 Nov 2009|

Bruce Gradkowski got the start in week 11 and helped rally the Raiders to a 20-17 win over the heavily-favored Bengals.


Machine Generated Transcript

On that last -- just went to my progression. On the -- was the second book. And I kind of saw the there. First true where is not Darren. And now money feeling Q is open the corner was too soft so just came backside to Murphy and he just made great play in. Every step onto the end zone at Tomas -- Democrat defeated in the end zone on that. I was gonna stand her. It. Yeah I mean our our guys did a great job today. And he saw tape Fargas on a couple check downs and and he just catches up already explodes I mean those are big plays and -- Darius made huge third down kids -- of course always comes through and down Louis Murphy had a had a great game so. You gotta give the credit goes to our offensive line I mean we're able to run the football well. Arm and they've blocked their tails off all night and it was exciting it was exciting to see is a sixty minute game. And you know. You're always gonna have up and downs throughout the whole game and you know I think we persevered through then and stayed strong reported out of the end. Here. -- -- It's. Water city. I think there's pressure if you make make it. But -- I think now you know it's my fourth year in the NFL. I was very fortunate to get all the experience I did as a rookie. And was coached very well by coach third inning coach -- at the time and -- learned a lot anyways -- it was a good experience in. You know that's -- the NFL issue shift around here and there and then. You know finally catch on a being get a break in you know -- hopefully you know we can make this last I mean it is a great ball game here -- tonight but down. You know that's not what our goal always you know our goal was to be consistent week in and week out. You know hopefully can do that we just need to keep working hard and yeah. I would like asset I think the -- I was doing a great job and if you can run the full blown pass the ball as well. It just opens everything up and I think. It's a good job just staying patient. You know -- on a two minute drive like that you have four downs to get the first out you know and -- is huge and we made a big play on fourth down at Jazz. He comes through like he always does with the big cats in. You know we had a couple big catches today so it's exciting to see everyone get in the mix mark defense played great and special teams play great as well. It was a whole team effort and that's what's exciting to see and you know we just need dead. Pop back real quick for his quick we can go to Dallas for Thanksgiving. And well I think we had a great game playing come in the game I think coach told owner coach cable coach -- it. You know all of those guys saw the whole offense staff they work together as a unit and they put together -- great game plan so there's a -- lot of both here and there but I think overall it's just. Our guys executed today. And I'm sticking it out for sixty minutes. Not qualified you have felt fine start to game Nam. There's just it -- mishap on on that snap I think I pulled out a little too quick in you know that's that's gonna happen and I told Sampson you know. You know they played their butts off today so that wasn't his fault not to -- just pulled out a little soon in you know great. -- those are the things I'm talking about we we were able to persevere through that. And come away with a win and anytime we can do today just you have to be excited. Here. I'm I think anytime you -- a big football game like this it helps your confidence but I think. You know my confidence has been there and you know it's having the confidence around me I think we have a lot of talent on this team and down the not feed off to those guys I think Justin Fargas is a huge leader on offense deciding. He did she says a hard nosed football player that. You know keeps everyone around a plane and I love that does that -- try to plays tough thing -- get after it and you know so it's good to see guys out there playing the same way yeah. Yeah I think you know being a quarterback. I think a lot of got lot of guys on the team feed off the quarterbacks energy and I think if you know hopefully I made a difference today on that aspect of them -- enough Meehan. I'm just going to be myself out there that's one thing coach cable said is -- just be yourself play your game in. You know I'm glad coach cable had the confidence in me to go with me. -- That. Yeah I think why I think during the game it's huge debt to communicate. With the coaches with players. Let know what you're seeing what's your feeling on what do you like. And coach cable does a great job with that as well as talk enemy. Ask me what plays highlight would allow one run and because that's what makes us as successful for on the same page it's gonna help us. You know more the chance -- -- And yeah. Yeah that in that interception was tough because I knew was a touchdown. Tom if I can add just a little more time and I just kind of got hit wise through it and I didn't think it -- got picked because out of joining them back there with the kid made a nice plan on it. And that's gonna happen in. I'm just we're just fortunate to defense did a great job got us the ball back. And now you know we've made a couple plays here and there and that's yeah. I think you just have to understand that's the nature of the game is you're gonna get bounced around and not a good mentor and Jeff Garcia and he start off in Canada you know so. He always gives me feedback in its all about perseverance I mean you look at Kurt Warner when he got his shy and Jake DelHomme and a bunch of guys in the NFL that are successful quarterbacks it's not always gonna start out easy and that is sort of first game -- aren't. You know we just gotta take one game at a time and hopefully stay this way. He. Physically I feel did you know was just here on morning. -- -- It wore. That. Other defense is that has been playing their tails off all week all week job last couple weeks all year really in. We we owed it to bend it to give them to give it back in and they held their own throughout the whole game and now I looked at nominee let -- we just he won't play here and somehow they -- to turn over and damn we're back on the field so. They make plays when they need to it is great to see that the most exciting thing. Is it was a team effort today you know all three aspects of the game in special teams defense offensively we put it together for nice weren't. Thanks guys good suburban right.

  1. lot of guys on the team that. You know and they're very competitive and they love to play again before also liked to have DelHomme anytime you get a chance to get on the field. 1213 minute those football lick our crew those like like the team. We have

  2. practice. Wasn't as bad not like you don't think that. Hitting I was really is more decided Reyes for the events ago I go to DelHomme wanted the game. Good kid seems chicken so there wasn't. Anything too crazy. And they was these Princeton and then. Yeah

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  5. t Simon though the reasoning I was gonna. Keep his boss. I don't think the days They've taken a fairly well. does DelHomme isn't gonna hear them but I was gonna you know I was gonna do it carries and you know big hitter. So. If there's you

  6. I government loans and eventually. Physically on one to ten scale where are you bonds. Yeah. Answer and through labor. DelHomme there was there was such a long battle definitely get to moments of frustration but I hung in there and never gave Booker

  7. know very said he didn't shoot the ball well in the room you him what he does it's directing them. His play good deepest DelHomme attempts you're going that is committed so. Your best there. Did that we'll tells the truth afterwards we had a good

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  9. done that is as well as we can previous games and we've had leads in third so. Take that area definitely it's assortment DelHomme and you know had a good start you know so passionately care you know can to a better. It's a one way to describe this scheme

  10. another linebacker than just gives them a little bit more depth they do need depth at middle linebacker that because that's DelHomme plane's position obviously and blacks like as the backup middle linebackers more than that just seems united tweet this out

  11. adjustments. Hitting line incidental and I just little things happen. This with a few things you know in late June. And just. DelHomme pump life revolved. Dimensional there's that was. Oh yeah. Distance in the ball I you know pitches that I instance. Winning

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