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7.20: JaMarcus Russell's Attorney, Donald Briskman



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Wed, 21 Aug 2013|

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I'm Scott bay -- Raiders insider for CSN California and this is your final training camp Raiders three and out. Topic number one deals with quarterback Terrelle Pryor who switched back to his old college Jersey number. Not really that big of a deal right. Wrong because he switched from number sixteen number two. The eight number last worn during the regular season by draft bust an enemy of raider nation JaMarcus Russell. Nobody's worn that number in a regular season game since. The draft but -- Warrick and while Terrelle Pryor didn't wanna talk about it it did seem weird that he was willing to. Possibly go into a number that has been curse because between Russell and quarterback Aaron Brooks the only -- to ever Wear number two. They have a combined record of seven and 26. During the regular season. -- Watson made it through his first practice of this entire training camp on Wednesday. Which happens to be the Raiders last day here at them Napa Valley an area that's a big deal in itself considering that a calf injury has kept him out. For basically four weeks but. Just as important as the fact that he made it through it's where he played when he did practice not only did he stay on the right side which is where he was expected to play. He also took reps on the left side. Opera texting Matt Flynn blind side now he's not gonna play on Friday but the Raiders need him to possibly fill in on the left because with -- they'll figure out Alex -- not playing very well. They may have to go to a rookie to keep Matt Flynn upright. After nineteen straight practices the Oakland Raiders are finally heading home. Head coach Dennis Allen told me that this training camp was a surprisingly productive one given how many injuries the Raiders had on both sides of the ball. They spent a lot of time up here they -- they drew closer as a team and they seem ready to move through the final stages of this pre season. Ironically enough the Raiders might be as healthy as they've ever been. Getting guys like Pat Sims and that -- Watson back -- health is so crucial because of the last two weeks. They have to cut build chemistry come together and get ready for this regular season.

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  17. him. Who them so all right. That's not need that job makes the muscles feel good so the question next isn't the only Russell 's gonna feel good. Not next Sunday are you ready to play are you healthy enough to play Sunday against Houston. You know

  18. today from Jackson like a new wrinkle not anything different. Just more serious approach by coach. This year. We definitely Russell Phillips on big time goals and I think the whole moving. Practiced with. Us. stronger than. Here enabled me more and more

  19. McCarthy and Tommy went lots of fights in this one too. And that's tallied 41 Hamilton. Remember when college cabinet from Russell Wilson got an on the outcome of Sunday night's game. We'll after the Seahawks brow beating of the 49ers. E. A. SPORTS

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