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9.9: 49ers camp report -- Mindi Bach and Matt Maiocco



  1. Carlos Rogers1:21
  2. Donte Whitner3:29
  3. Alex Smith5:39
  4. Frank Gore5:07
  5. 49ers0:38, 1:17, 2:04
  6. Pete Carroll2:02
  7. Jim Harbaugh0:17, 0:46, 4:52
  8. Patrick Willis1:34, 3:37
  9. James Carpenter2:45
  10. division opponent4:26
Fri, 9 Sep 2011|

Matt and Mindi have the 49ers' Game Preview for you, and Maiocco reveals a major issue in the 49ers' secondary.


Machine Generated Transcript

Matt Matt Leo no we have a higher secondary sport where Hendry has been in 2011 injury for their first team gets fathers are. -- -- preview edition ga yes -- previous two days away from there is no -- and Seattle -- Very interesting to hear our Jim Harbaugh her background headlines back there are other issues that we're in here in the top -- him. There are a lot of issues yeah. Well I think -- pulled -- relentless and go back to last year when nobody knew what Seattle was gonna deal and the forty hours we're looking at USC game film and out this year. The -- which is on the other foot. The 49ers are just I'm -- the Seahawks are looking at old Stanford tape. The big try to figure out what they're gonna do. -- the prelude to what Jim Harbaugh but there are a lot of issues. Let's start with defense defense was on the starting quarterback. And figure it's gonna -- for a ask me things -- The elbow to expect me. Probably yeah I think you know and Reggie Smith would've been a starting free safety but then He got injured. He's coming back this week as is shopping Spencer coming back to -- angles is not gonna play I mean to cycles and yet he's out with a knee injury. So the 49ers are vulnerable. In the secondary right now because they have Carlos Rogers who also missed some time in training camp and he's healthy. The good thing -- -- playing the Seahawks and I'm sure the Seahawks can throw the ball. And I gave it my benefit for them and they have an establishment that. Speaking of Patrick Willis this week very excited about them I was alone at the right -- -- things investing again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aiming -- things and yeah he's never been. -- -- -- You -- him Lions trailing after it was right. Lindsay saying that -- -- -- -- Stevens didn't show everything Murray season that's only great things and I got me even that Pete Carroll said it on Wednesdays at. The 49ers were very basic. Both offensively and defensively. How much the same way as the Seahawks were last year so they see us coming to this not knowing what's gonna happen I think. You're gonna see all kinds of blitzes there. As I think what we if you look at -- -- -- that is the most I think ineffective offensive -- the most so I think. That means the fewer blitzes of the 49ers put on film it Seattle could prepare for just made six. It difficult situation for Seattle Seattle's starting two rookies on their offensive line. -- -- -- the last sides -- the right side John -- to guard and James Carpenter that the tackle. Tom Cable has its hands full these guys trying to integrate two rookies into an offensive line without. That entire offseason to prepare I think the 49ers can bring that He that. Seattle well that's another reversal from last year where 49ers -- to Ricky story on the line we saw how they they -- very imaginative nothing into his. It wasn't going to be. Analyze past and treat him differently than last year so that's not something that he'll be able to see. My game tape then that is one thing about Mark Jackson they're being taught us to. Like any friendly quarterback from going on sounding like. You can't just at least. And I think the friends or are built to stop that because you have Donte Whitner playing closer to Landis challenges true strong safety. But also the two 49ers inside linebackers can. Flat out run right Patrick Willis in a horrible when those guys can move sideline to sideline. I think they're they're set up pretty well in this game. I really do predictions for very -- but still it. I -- I think 49ers here six appointment tomorrow. They need this yelling and win by six straight -- favorite I think the opponent about it I think I'm -- think -- -- -- mainly because. It's a great play given free gambling advice. Obviously I've ever yeah. But I got -- fight -- -- except -- Arizona at -- JC Joey Elliott Maria Elena. Fly you know when I look at the plan schedule. Here it is. I'm gonna look at it right now. In the easiest game on the schedule for his desk they have there there's no question they have to win this game it's a home game is against a division opponent. And not a very good wanna. Even though they won the division last year I think this game sets up very well for the 49ers accident didn't win that Candlestick Park. In the season opener but. So there you know there's. Yeah. Didn't know let's start off -- I -- -- -- -- -- just. -- -- -- -- getting a lot of guys and Thomas can talk and there will play by francoeur Jim Harbaugh I think you never expect -- come off. They feel they need to. That is going to be -- and like work blow as the numbers that she's a baseball -- -- thing. I think that Frank Gore is still there that's bad enough first down second down third down I -- -- -- -- maybe. -- Eight plays 99 and eight touchdowns in eight plays against -- I think early on with the blitz pick up and everything else that we talked about with -- pass protection. I don't think He -- you know hundreds I don't think you wanna throw him out there quite yet for an extended period of time so it's still rank yourself yes absolutely I think when things. In thinking or was there for three -- the second time. Where He got back and Alex Smith to the clock. Luckily I. -- now of that or one false start we can and saying okay injure it again.

  1. office in. It's just one thing is really. Know for us we just we have to come on complete game you know when I really Carpenter you know you don't win loss record is you know do open. You know it's with mates and we we have to come on plea for enough

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    running ability. Next is it. And none of these are. In order mean. Great receivers have. At these qualities like. Player Carpenter that. Has a lot of tools you know the hammer that solves more important than the other. His ability to run after the catch

  13. have been a good job. That is wrong hands. He's he's got an issue is. Who's working through. Seizure. It is not a Carpenter or procedure. why does he upgraded from doubtful questionable He's working through some things to get. Get strength back

  14. football player football coach. Now that coach maybe yeah not a football play good you're good with your hands you work Carpenter you you probably would be good did it right. I'm good at the running maybe even not at the falling down. Now they don

  15. wonder a little bit how confident they are in Kyle Lohse and you saw what the Cardinals manager Mike did today he let. Chris Carpenter hit when he struggling to get five innings out of him. Really at that point the game very early this Cardinals team forget

  16. know I knew I had to come out here early and set its own. And keep them off the early and you know we're able to get to Carpenter and put some runs up early and I just feel like this round in even with the way very good tonight I just kind of color teams

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  18. command was right there. Coming back from what you come back from how where you. Now in relation to in the vintage Chris Carpenter or is there stuff that your you want the mind wants to do but the body isn't quite there. On. Yeah is a question but you

  19. better than us yesterday. Mike. What was your evaluation of carpenter 's start couple games ago what what did you think of him ..... back from injury obviously he's nowhere near that vintage Carpenter but how would you assess the vintage car opener and where

  20. team has little bit of new life going back home He toppled by year your next game obviously game six your matchup against Carpenter and when you're sort of expecting from your team as well as facing the cardinals'. Well first I thought we had good and