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49ers Insider Matt Maiocco joins Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio



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Mon, 12 Nov 2012|

Matt Maiocco and Mike Florio break down the 49ers' tie with the Rams Sunday and Jim Harbaugh's postgame comments.


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We'll quite know. But the way I feel is. You know there was a is a good football it was a hard fought game and came out cannot even. That's sorted out -- coach Jim Harbaugh trying to process what happened yesterday Candlestick Park. A rare tie game in the National Football League it had been four years since we had last seen one we saw one yesterday it was fun game to watch but unsatisfying for everyone involved because there's no winner. There's no loser helping you shed more light on exactly what transpired yesterday in San Francisco is our. Friend incorporate colleague from CSN Bay Area dot com Matt. Mayo -- Matt talked to us about that vibe it was in the locker room after Sunday's game. Yeah it was very odd I mean even win that final seconds. -- that. Clock there at the end -- overtime period did you sort of sense that nobody in the stands to really knew what was going on there. Yeah -- there's a lot of lot of hesitation before people. Went to the exits and it just seemed to be like he'll -- usual when the teams come together on the field -- It just everybody kind of seemed to be in the days but they didn't really know. How the process that in and certainly that carried over into the locker room after the game and -- -- Davis said that. He felt like they didn't even play a game here in -- and. You know they shot golds and two what channeling his that are Donovan McNabb that he didn't even know that the NFL games -- in and guys. And so that they're just seem to be a lot of. Yeah everyone's kind of team beat Paul Boldin didn't know what can make evidence the fact of the matter is that. I don't think either team deserves them to win and so but that I was probably about them that most. Just being outgunned in this scheme that you could have. How many players on the forty niners do you think seal the same weighted golds and felt that they just didn't know. That that there could be a tough. Well I think word got down -- -- I think the 49ers are trying to tell a lot of the players on the team. At the start of overtime that that this is what what could happen. Two to avoid that kind of situation where somebody in the locker -- said that so a apparently the word -- gifted physical sense but -- I think it did it. I think a lot of players believe it or not. Don't really know. A lot of the rules of the game he'll say they know what their assignments are in and out. Play at certain deep and so war how to adjust to an offensive look and all those kind of things but. The -- -- -- details of the game or maybe not so mighty detailed I think it's eight. A lot of their attention and I think even believe in giddy Amendola did Poole was one of those who wasn't quite sure -- How the rules of the game either over on the -- side. And it's more than just making sure that the players don't embarrass themselves in the team it's about making sure you guys have the right sense of urgency late in that overtime period. Like Donovan McNabb for years ago he was kind of lackadaisical and nonchalant because he apparently believed they were gonna take it. Time now and come back from commercial and start it all up over again until they have. All winners so it's it's not just a PR issue it's a strategic issue when you get late in overtime to know hey this is it. If you don't score this is it the other team's going to be trying to score we need try to score these things the players need to know it's amazing. That they don't bigger picture. We have that record hanging out there now we're using the third column that almost never gets used it got zeros for every team but it has a one now for the 49ers and won for the Rams. What does this mean to the forty niners going forward. Well for first selfish purposes the -- that I will have to figure out tiebreak. -- it's going to be assuming there's not another red tie featuring an the team then. It'll be pretty easy to figure out exactly where the 49ers sit in the and it the picture -- he'll definitely gained it. Do we -- look at it the 49ers. Should have won this game -- on paper heading into it facing a team with a losing record -- playing them at home you're you're -- did. You're coming off the bye week the Rams are coming off the -- we there's no reason for the 49ers. To lose this game which they almost did on several occasions so that's that they are able to get that is that half. Game with a tie. Yeah I don't think it hurts to have that person today but it is the half a game that I think got away from again fact of the matter is. They shot the play -- in the next Monday night against the Bears. And they're right back there and the number two seed in the NFC. Controlling their own destiny for the final sixteenth of the season. Before the season started defensive coordinator -- fan GO expressed concern that maybe the defense would be complacent this year with so many starters coming back. Performed so well last year. And they performed well at times this year but that's the only way I can explain what happened yesterday getting gassed by the St. Louis Rams. Can't cover Danny Amendola can't stop Sam Bradford. And that Restovich had a week off they were ready for this game did you think there was maybe a little bit of that sense that crept in -- -- were better in the Rams we just need to show up and will win this. -- uproot the the first -- this season the defense has been outstanding you know that they haven't generated the turnover that they did a year ago. But their pass defense has been better the run defense has been very good. -- the only time that you really have had a bad game. Yeah it is late in the game against the Giants what did you guys to really just help them into submission in the fourth quarter. Yeah I got that since yesterday from the beginning. It's Stephen yeah it's yeah I did that that they we aware of the foreigners would not prepared for this game I can say one thing. Stephen Jackson was prepared and he ran hard -- is actually only 3.5 yard average. But I mean that guy in the rain and like he often does every time I've seen him I mean it's the same guy he shows up a guy who I was playing yesterday. Like to -- it was more important to him that anybody else on that field. But the 49ers get pushed around a little bit in the run game I think the nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga I gave up some plays. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- necessarily got a very good game to -- -- Carlos Rogers. Had a lot of difficulty getting Danny Amendola so. Yeah he plays and that's. Side of things that can't I would go that far but it's certainly was I'd do well there was the worst defense that for this season from the 49ers. Is Denny Amendola better than any receiver on the 49ers roster. You know that that had very good question the fact of just realizing the big -- TV copy of the game and and one of the things that. They got a team that mine was he has been getting haven't dole is deck is stacked teammate was. Michael Crabtree and you look at the stat sheet you'll be any of the goal attempt into the NFL was zero fanfare. And you look at yesterday having him until eleven catches a hundred yards Crabtree five catches for seventy yards country's got a pretty good season. But be any Amendola. That slide. He's been involved than that that features -- And they they maybe didn't -- -- concerted effort to get him the ball -- I don't think there's anybody on the 49ers offense. That they'd make a concerted effort to get the ball to and that includes Vernon Davis to for the fourth straight game has really been a -- zero factor in the 49ers offense. He's really emerged this year he had a great year last year as well he's put the Rams in position where they're gonna have to use that franchise tag if they can't sun too long term deal they cannot let him. Get away he means to much to that offense now guy who could mean a lot to the 49ers offense in the not too distant future and perhaps the immediate future. Based on her depending on what happens when Alex this concussion is calling -- -- what did we learn from him yesterday in his first extended action as the quarterback. I you know what I eat it looked at me like the game was not too big for -- IT early I'll -- it came in the game. Yeah we we saw him misfire on the ball and the guy has a tremendous arm and he can make football model throws but the consistency hasn't been there. I think what we ended up seeing from him after have a rough beginning what exactly what we'd probably see. Guys can make plays down -- that field but whose greatest weapon is to actually win and there's the teams trying to get in a position late in the game for a. Course tying field goal is blatant I mean he came -- He can rip off of fifteen yard run just as easily -- differently yard. Will there be a quarterback controversy when Alex Smith is healthy. I just can't see that now I mean yeah I think that the offense still runs not more smoothly which it -- quarterback didn't. -- for the guy Alex Smith who completed what eighteen not nineteen passes against the Cardinals. Came back yesterday and completed seven -- -- and seven of the eight. And I think Alex is playing. At the highest level that he's played that conceived of the beliefs. But at some point there's a sense of inevitability that the changing of the guard will occur from Alex Smith the calling capita -- -- -- I guess they're gonna trade him. Once cap for next rookie DL and do you feel like at some point in the next few years Kapanen will be the guy and Smith will either become the back up or move on well. I mean when you think about it suits it -- sign. It's really more year well this year two more at a very reasonable contract and hit for the guys that -- the open market. In the 49ers signed him to a deal that piece of about twentieth in the NFL as far as starting quarterback for the league. He's kind of exactly the same amount of time as captain decides cabinet this year and two more years. You know basically -- said the draft picks so. Yeah hugely yeah I think a lot depends on how this season. And -- for the 49ers go. Oh and if they don't win at all why didn't they win at all. At the project and look at it and say that the quarterback play is one of the reasons they did to get where they wanted to go. And I think -- to look at the offseason new quarterback controversy. I competition but certainly they got two quarterbacks that they can keep on the roster. Put two more years meaning financially you know not a big. Not a big chunk the other cap to keep both of those guys around so I think we have a couple years to. Figured things out in the and habits settle and ten and sort of map the course of where they want the Dolphins to go in the future. And in the in the immediate future very well could be capita for Kansas Smith's concussion. What we know about when it happened and why he played after he apparently suffered that head injury. He didn't he if you saw that game there was a huge hit he took from July -- Dunbar. As he scrambled into the late in the first quarter. But that wasn't the play it was later about six plays later on that seeing your five. The forty yard setup for that one and they called a quarterback sneak and it's kind of tough to see anything that happens. He he pretty much. You know -- with his head into the pile that China did at first there -- And would solid James Laurinaitis continent it might have been and that contact there but he finished the drive. Yeah there were no signs of the play at that time and watching the replay they've gotten you don't see any indication that -- he's -- He's completed three more passes including a touchdown pass. He went to the sideline. But the 49ers defense goes out there when the 49ers go back on the field is that TV timeout. And that's what you learned that the coaching staff and the medical staff. -- seven blurred vision. Yeah you know Garza the team that doctor who's a concussion. Specialist. Mean expert in the field over the -- It was part of the 49ers medical team took a look at him and and they said the -- they pulled the plug on on Alex's part that the -- goes. And -- -- winning and so. If he's. I understand he didn't alert the medical staff and so that's something was within minutes until just before. He could tolerate to go onto the field for that next series. And now that he has that can touch lightly won't be able to practice will be able to play until it's cleared by independent neurologists we'll see. Whether or not he gets sick clearance within the next week Monday night it's 49ers and Bears -- as always thanks for your time we'll talk to you again soon. You.

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