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Staley: Alex and I are 'nose bros'

Sun, 15 Sep 2013|

All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen was not pleased with the final moments of Sunday's loss to the Bears, the sixth straight defeat in Chicago for the Vikings.

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  1. Matt & Mindi -- Pressure's on to protect Alex Smith

    ends and when they go up against Jared Allen and Kevin Williams and that Vikings ..... going to be the old man up on on Jared Allen Joseph Staley will be getting everybody ..... Joseph Staley going up against Jared Allen and allowed environment metrodome

  2. Matt & Mindi: Randy 'freakin' Moss returns to Minnesota

    most looking forward to seeing Joseph Staley against Jared Allen I really am ism my number one matchup on the 49ers Vikings ..... only facing a guy who had. But 22 sacks last year and Jared Allen but also of the allow the environment here a matter of

  3. 11.17: Chronicle Live -- Michael Bush

    up on Sunday they're terrific fraud with obviously Jared Allen and Williams in the young guy Roberts and what do you ..... they stopped early downs are gonna be tough to to keep Jared Allen off the quarterback. You we can't have those guys

  4. 11.14: Raiders practice -- Carson Palmer

    is happening to me and you're defense isn't electorate is you know they have the the defense if you do you. And Jared Allen . The entire front or through them again for is. The Olympics and I'm making him around so. So's you know it

  1. Vikings' Allen: 'We blew it'


    Sun, 15 Sep 2013

    All-Pro defensive end Jared Allen was not pleased with the final moments of Sunday's loss to the Bears, the sixth straight defeat in Chicago for the Vikings.

  2. Jared Allen a big part of why Bears signed Bushrod


    Wed, 11 Sep 2013

    The Bears play Clay Matthews and Jared Allen four times a year in the regular season, which is why Jermon Bushrod was Chicago's top priority in free agency this offseason.

  3. development in the maturation Smith and Crabtree. Slim lead to great things. the Vikings have a pretty good player Jared Allen Whose responsibility is as it just careless it's going to be Joseph Staley returned to its going to be interesting

  4. Smith: 'It takes everybody'


    Wed, 19 Sep 2012

    anything And yeah every week and you don't. Agents value is as obviously the defense line especially at home and on Jared Allen almost brought to separate it last year it plays really get a home. With the crowd always gets up the ball. Kevin

  5. that's the way it is inexplicable it week to week. Solid will be somebody else I got told Jarrett last week it was Jared Allen this week is Julius Peppers and we got that job and you know we gotta get it done. And yeah we'll see you know obviously

  6. Whereas you typically see any of his 1134 defensive football team. But there's a lot of good players than me again Jared Allen Kevin Williams and those really better. When you come up their pressure got to play this past week and play another

  7. s been ruled out as right now. Go through two weeks as the Vikings played very often. Adrian Peterson generally Jared Allen . I think he's got a very good football team you know they're playing tonight so I'm sit there and watch it closely

  8. is getting older and older upfront with each passing year not much you that there let's someone complete opposite Jared Allen . Let's go with the best value on the board Dequan defense Clinton there's some concerns about the knee but he falls

  9. 1.20: Vernon Davis with Greg Papa


    Thu, 21 Jan 2010

    obviously. How does its part is going to be pretty excited. Period chance to be around guys that. play with Ray Lewis. Jared Allen you know. Some big I'm excited I'm excited about dome. You know playing in this game and. Have four. To have