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Sabean says Giants dodged bullet with Affeldt injury



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Tue, 1 May 2012|

Brian Sabean joins Jim Kozimor to discuss the recent news that Jeremy Affeldt was placed on the disabled list.


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Every Tuesday we are lucky -- -- -- drive alive. -- talked in general manager of the San Cisco Giants we're now joined. By -- saving and fans always like things are a lot of the stuff they look on an added I was reading great it's a great place to be for a ball game of the Marlins in town. Some Giants news to get things started Brian Jeremy Apatow coached the DLC tell us all the machinations with that. Well he's a better row pitcher in some regard that he was what's his son who's of the big kids so Jason Brown didn't go too well. Hopefully we dodge the bullet and I don't think it's going to be a Sergio situation but it's obvious he's gonna have to spend the two weeks we'll evaluate as we go along. And -- the to have another lefty and a picture of it we've we decide to bring up Blackley it was mentioned that that we -- -- Heavily this past off season ironically in the Australia when league. Really he's he's an Australian all right today and get it up and Ozzie coming to town now with -- felt visits to twisted knee or -- -- plus it they're carded a strain but. You know he's a big body guys you have to be careful really with the we bring him back. Terms the rehab we got a great team in the training room and I'm sure they'll work hard to get.

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