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11.22: SF/GB Postgame- Josh Morgan



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Thu, 2 May 2013|

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Jason Hill -- Saturday's fight. Floyd Mayweather will be a life changing moment for the Guerrero family without question the toughest fight of roberts' career. But it paled in comparison to the opponent his wife Casey is battling. For the rest of her life Henry Wofford as a story. If you ask Robert Guerrero his first love was the sport of boxing. But coming in a close second -- his wife and soul mate Casey. You know she -- -- -- corner from me I -- -- but I -- or another is pretty high in his 'cause I was in my class and you -- just. Boy. I -- she would plan. -- unique when Ali because cash in less -- she can kind of like kind of ran into me or. You know -- backing me or not you like in crime itself. You know it's funny it's funny that's -- young man he stuck we were kids are. We didn't stare you know liking each other until -- like -- so let's and I started games period fourteen years old. What the bright future in Boston ahead of the goals was tasked with balancing those two great passions -- a very young age luckily for him. Casey was mature beyond her years. All I knew I hit about six this could be in the local newspapers and stuff once we -- uniting interfere in any evidence. You know fives or anything either of them but. I would stay back and just let him do his own thing I wouldn't want to interfere in any he's always been my own boxing training. You know going to national tournaments stuff like that the -- the more windy out. The more -- together you know the more you can you know more hard feelings -- -- You know I just -- in new candidate. The couple married in 2005. And things could not have been better. Roberts boxing career and family flourished until a deadly disease. Put everything on hold. -- -- -- Was really sick. They're not as a -- up. There Robert rush into the emergency room and they did a bunch of tests on me and then they said that they felt that it was -- leukemia. I had the -- Memphis do you think I issued -- let -- is scary you know we're in a happy time in our lives or. You know I have a world championship. Doing -- You know got married had two kids and then also I think yes. Left -- It was a 5050 chance of survival. And you know I would think but I user comments that I needed him I don't know a thousand delivered. I have faith in god that I would live to be here for my kids. You know on the other side I was scared also so I was glad he is batting -- any month. You know his brother my husband stuff outside. You know anything you know that a mother would do. You know I had to step up and do it. And -- and still the same time and train for boxing he knows me juggling act. You know I managed to get it done. But you know it makes it stronger person. Thanks to the national donor program Casey received -- bone marrow transplant she needed to survive. Inspired by the selflessness and others that Guerrero and out champions. For the cars. Turning point came back home especially some something that you know semi last night. I think you know being a professional I think. Mean you know under the microscope. People millions of people watching around the world view and opportunity to. You know get the -- out there. Yeah I like to pay -- -- -- like to help others and a lot of young people are going through what I went through. So you know if they have questions I'd like to do that answer out. Just. -- foul him you know I think people life. Yes that's a great families that -- great story -- you can make a difference in the lives of those suffering from leukemia -- can log on the -- blood cancer dot org. Can find out how you can help. On that website.

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  19. 12451. Pitch tomorrow as we saw the rubber wanhatten Casio world golf or they Colorado Rockies 87 with a Florida happy error vegan shoes Petit was made three. Increasingly better starts as a giant. And I'll culminating with Friday night when nearly became the 24 pitcher in big league pitchers

  20. career high. Six RBIs in the Giants back in action this afternoon in the finale against the Rockies is Merrill puts it on the hill for the orange and black. We just started with the Giants pregame live and know that knowledge has been your morning that