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Hometown: Randy Moss -- Part 2



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  2. West Virginia0:12
  3. 7-Eleven0:33
  4. Bobby Howard3:01
  5. Moss2:46
  6. Jason Williams3:00
  7. DuPont2:28
  8. professional athlete3:08, 3:39, 3:48
  9. sports culture2:22
Thu, 15 Nov 2012|

Meet Randy Moss' childhood friend and learn his impression of their hometown of Rand, West Virginia.


Machine Generated Transcript

Living in the rain and West Virginia -- must grow up it was not always sees. And he's worked hard to me it's me. You know Marmol is no different than than any other you know -- to work you know 23 jobs to support three children. People in the area didn't happen much and -- didn't offer much to kids there either. -- hang out at the local 7-Eleven. Trouble was easy to find. You weren't sure. Sure that in Atlanta and he lived in the community so he worked right before. He wasn't doing anything crazy because you know he wanted his -- -- at -- so. You know after 4 o'clock this town was on particularly. At mosques request I got in touch with -- -- Jones one of losses most trusted friends. Cilic showed me their race. I ran an outsider like myself would never -- was there. The way we were grown up -- we will -- You know nobody had money so we didn't know the value of money. Oh we knew we had each other. I don't think my my my upbringing was you know when it comes it to my -- was. Really that different from any -- from from any manner and a woman but. Not just thought that was normal. North from -- also liked sports any and all sports. You take a field like this -- have when he fifteenth twentieth when -- -- -- tackle on the talk about all that alone. Don't ball up score. So you've had kind of break when he tackles you want to do with this field. People trying to turn him off knowing that we had the same game of basketball you shoot -- and every minute yourself. When I was growing up when I was afraid to go out there in in and -- He knows Condit is just kind of a bad word to use but. That's just how was brave man really go out there and the Bears you know whoever's in front and we go out there trying to make who never looked -- -- I still hope that tomorrow -- because. Without Lee -- whatever I've done in pop Warner and junior high school high school. I don't think -- be the player that I am today. The sports culture was big in the small area that happened 16100 people together. By the time -- went to DuPont high school on the order of Randy and bell his skills were well known statewide his -- became a focal point of this community. Take a little streak you put a hundred people want and I'm Thomas every Friday night. -- my my -- -- -- a thousand dollars in savings we scored touchdowns next carry. Moss is high school situation was also unique in another way. He didn't know what at that time but his older brother Eric in three of his friends and teammates would go on to become professional athletes as well. Jason Williams to Bobby Howard. It's James Singleton. One could argue -- has produced more professional athlete per capita than any other town in the country. And -- did that for that. It was a lot of people for us. You know -- column has millions and no they really have the -- the opportunities that you know the key is today happen. Myself and you know Jason and body and in Singleton of course know try to take advantage of opportunities. Lot of people way -- me back in the day grow enough that I ever think that I was going to be a professional athlete. There really didn't hit me till later or maybe college maybe my -- -- second year of college did. That I could possibly you know be -- professional athlete some day. I think became the sports we displayed. Know with basketball we've played when it was football what is baseball owners are we -- -- -- -- around me. Never we never looked back and it was just something that. You know we we have fun going. With each other. And now the world where you know being able to see Jason win -- future have been able to see -- out there. Playing alongside of me or across from me and they don't think he was my brother and those those those were the things that you look back at that you know like while we OK from them you know saying kind of like criteria saying -- -- so well. That was just something that I still smile to this they've known that we were all raised.

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