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Pratt & Haberman predict A's final roster

Sat, 19 Oct 2013|

The Cowboys may be without DeMarco Murray, but the Eagles' defense will still have to find a way to stop the passing attack of Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant.

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  1. 1.20: Vernon Davis with Greg Papa

    your number's and think he's got to go but. I see Jason Witten . I see Tony Gonzales and I'm thinking maybe that ..... make the team and he got the nod to start the game over Jason Witten . God I was surprised I was surprised this you know

  2. 9.19: Matt Maiocco and Mindi Bach on Harbaugh's press conference

    I think from burning standpoint you look sick of the playmakers on the other side of the field He sees a guy like Jason Witten and the guy like. Miles Austin making big plays and being featured in that cowboys' passing attack. Bowl Vernon Davis

  3. 12.3 Chronicle Live

    game in crucial situations they put Charles Woodson Jason Witten . Who is Tony romo's go to the China which is an abnormal ..... for doing in this game. With Sam Williams checking Jason Witten repeatedly that's a matchup that he's not gonna

  4. 12.29: Shane Lechler on the Pro Bowl

    talking to keep them off 72 catches and twelve touchdowns. He beats out Tony Gonzales and he will start the game as Jason Witten will be the back up. And Italy has got to go for a second time he also made the 2007 at. And Patrick buttocks as the

  1. on I thought he impacted the game defense really. I thought he did a great job of of running the team something he struggled Witten pre season. I think it if you look at it that sort of a full week we all wanted to be Jarrett Jack that mile trip that's

  2. he was wide open on the deeper you just decisive to me it wasn't like the year he saw the read and saw he took it right he Witten was to do is always running down field so he was very its decisive today it is most balanced games so decision I think it was

  3. Scouting report: Cowboys' offense vs. Eagles' D


    Sat, 19 Oct 2013

    The Cowboys may be without DeMarco Murray, but the Eagles' defense will still have to find a way to stop the passing attack of Tony Romo, Jason Witten and Dez Bryant.

  4. Dallas receivers present daunting task for Eagles


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    The Eagles' defense already has difficulty stopping opponents' receivers. This week, they get to face Dez Bryant and Jason Witten .

  5. just need to try to get some base runners and our fans get into Witten and capitalist way they did last year we were just just weren ..... room for error our guys are frustrated with the way the game Witten and some idiot that spirit you know again we still. He's

  6. that based going what you do you structure. I think you'll give you will. A lot of weight because at the time when I came in Maryland I was about. 220. To thirty. He say you'll do your game was so Witten was going. One of which.

  7. either one teams copy with the other teams not very obvious distance calls I don't see that changing. So we can succumb to Witten . And let it get the best of us we can keep playing through it. Listening to the other coaches talked I think everybody's

  8. NFL Notes: Witten defends Romo's work ethic, new contract


    Sat, 4 May 2013

    Cowboys tight end Jason Witten defended quarterback Tony Romo's new contact and his future involvement in game-day planning next season.

  9. NFL Notes: Cowboys redo five contracts, save cap space


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    The Dallas Cowboys have reworked the contracts of five starters, including DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten and Miles Austin, to save salary cap space.

  10. he went outside again. But not spikes and did not a real doing some work and some bull pens. Just kind of didn't get in a Witten didn't that in us when things. Anything gonna be your focus this spring here yet try to keep the kind of the way you to others

  11. Huff: 'We're playing for pride'


    Fri, 30 Nov 2012

    socially you know when I you know him to be a leader forest Burleson things just. You know sort of things haven't you know we Witten that into account it is what it is that you talked him you know it's been yet a couple days ago. But Washington added a

  12. Kate coming at you from Baltimore. And joined by your insider Paul Gutierrez connection CSN California dot com. And we just Witten is that what you fans probably did not enjoy as the Raiders tied up for ties record. For allowing 55 points that's the most

  13. president upper class short leave. I don't call timeouts because stuff. I think it's it's amazing what this girl does Witten and we'll see it happening. I like having that role it just having cable like let look at me like I think that and well at

  14. drive the ball blitz. He also said it started to drift towards right a little bit deeper on like Coco the first inning who Witten down the right field line at the 330 mark so the difference there. But I think the biggest thing we saw Avila and right now

  15. was working on. And we did lose a key part in the room Wilson and things you can answer a question his you know what what he Witten into the bullpen when that. Huge part so that's not trying to replace just kind of bridge you know just trying to get the

  16. s beaten you know pretty well from. I learned a lot of engine. Yeah okay. So just keep working on the almost all of that Witten . And it is. It's and because even paying attention to the team that's right behind you're just concentrating on yourself

  17. just my pitches and so everything opens. We'll see you is there guys for a little while ago and you don't see that Romo Witten do rituals and long route to what we're going to be horribly old story and I appreciate that. If you read it here. I know

  18. remember it's somebody that was about the same size and usually he's blown a little guys but he blew up their tight end Witten . And then on the next play against Tommy Kelly with the big sacks so. That's what this defense wants to do and as far as

  19. breaking ball. If you change jobs when he was let his arm though is having difficulty. Locating hard stuff and then got through Witten . And you know started throwing his fastball a bit better cut insane so. You know there there's certainly we had some game

  20. Personal situation. It worked out there. Being good. A few months again. He started throwing. Yeah well. a little later Witten and running like we do. Round we're. He's basically based on so far this year but it it was today you decided to go Cougars