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12.10: Web Exclusive: Jeff Ulbrich with Mindi Bach



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Fri, 10 Dec 2010|

Matt and Mindi focus on the 49ers rematch with the Seattle Seahawks.


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Brent real and isn't a short distance from British practice facility. And we've talked about the quarterback situation that this team has a lot more problems than just the quarterback. It definitely have a lot of problems making the roster redemption game for this team you realize that Seattle just surprised shocked -- different matter when every day. You insert attitude here the first game of the season. -- -- conducted by the final race yeah house with a history. So what did you order I ordered the decade salad thank you very. And I got beat in a -- great -- though. And that okay great thank you very much and yeah and you don't let Seattle really beat the 49ers up. I don't know how hot that season opener -- -- dead yeah this. Anything like according to your offense and two field -- that was it being any. With and they could they have any answers. Then why it was attributed this number is Michael Robinson right right Seattle defense Pete Carroll a lot of information forehand side. And then here is Jeff Ulbrich victory. Years and -- Raiders defense so hopefully this game it won't be big issues are as. That we were you surprised -- it Corey Patterson as strictly. Yeah and I mean I think that if foreigners do play better home course -- we want to say that. Having watched their last home game which had been that against the in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers really get shut out for the first time since 1977. I mean they still can win the NFC west now that is the absolute crazy thing about six or seven and further -- -- born eight. Did they get to seven and nine they only have to run the table I don't. Because of the way with this schedule. Is sort of a -- for them I mean obviously they have to be. Seattle or else they're mathematically eliminated but. They can still win us. And that's just mind boggling to me that this division so bad that it happened and it doesn't think he can stretch of the imagination it to see this thing happening the first thing partners have to -- they haven't been in this offseason. It's string together as some consistency and and win on the road it would have to. Beat Saint Louis and that. Saint Louis and that's how you play when it happened necessarily. They need to win -- -- correct -- -- they can do yeah that would probably help them but it sets up. Think we need rent -- and playing well I think Lewis has fried green and it. To 1413. Gaining entry date now this the power -- You make the adjustments that causes certainly deep in the third quarter TB yeah secondary and they picked -- -- second yeah. And after I heard it was that he needed stumbled since the -- -- focus they lost focus it was frustrating for me personally happen. You focus for four hours and after you paid to do. Nestle's practice all week to do I think. Matt Hasselbeck has the ability to see what happened -- and behaviors and to nearly forty years weakness I would demand to be targeted. Again this week. The youngest. Something that that. I wrote about this on Wednesday. Marshawn Lynch was acquired by the Seattle Seahawks. And early October and now he's their starting running back. And Marshall went says cause -- is no big adjustment and picking up the pass protections and all this happened Pete Carroll says that we we take it easy on in the first week the second week. It was still -- but after that everything. And you look around league at containing would have with the Patriots who just comes in and they find a role that. And you really look yard line with a with a with a good Tampa Bay rookie but getting go to training camp with -- -- all -- It's amazing to me that. Not necessarily Troy Smith because that's tough for quarterback but the thing with apparent from the 49ers well as we can't -- Brian Westbrook on the field because he it's such a huge adjustment in how I even have training camp. Now they needed. I just -- To me that's mind boggling how other teams can make it work against the 49ers can't get any thoughts on them. Am I angry because he confidence. A veteran and you've got two offensive lineman -- -- and linemen and he can keep him that veteran presence -- You know meeting -- city grabbed him by the Jersey Blazers and direct me where he wants to get out of that I loved it he hasn't -- And I -- and I'm very proud and especially if you do them work their interest in the eighties certainly -- -- you this he can still just read defense is like infrequent events that I won't. We don't -- -- to pick up defense Packers quarterback it. This because Tom around this really into the what to look forward and I knew him and he he's thinking like to -- masters here amendment doesn't -- He's taken over army he's that the starting running back he sees the ball in the -- is so it. You know we have another read this whole week your second full game of Westbrook and Dixon. As wondered if if they're going to try to open it up war and do more of the spread elements. In this game against Seattle with the balance because they. They sit and now we do have the entire playbook. At our disposal. Because of Alex. I wonder if they'll be able hone in more. On this ranks. -- Westbrook and Dixon as opposed to maybe feeling like they couldn't do a whole lot in the passing game. Because they were still working under that francoeur template. And then. Immediately Davis and all of that he's been frustrating when he's five touchdowns and beat him through this weekend. And they are defending him. Differently. With him and -- it Delanie Walker. They've gotten -- cream they have to Eric I'll. -- -- -- Sold on -- needed skills and break still and to me that's great and couldn't really good things that I I I needed to work. And still does a little bit -- mistakes and penalties and missed -- that. Well there's another edition of Matt dignity from years from Marino and has now been so let's my shout out to be interesting week next week and see our game and I think it.

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