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Jeremiah Masoli

7.28: 49ers training camp -- Jeremiah Masoli



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Thu, 28 Jul 2011|

Masoli talks about joining the 49ers and his potential position change to running back.


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It's just two games slow process. Just. Not possible it. Not really worried about it the main thing if it is -- You know this team. But. You. -- there you. -- shows versatility yet this moment just places them versatility. And those. -- those pressure tomorrow see first. Great teams expressed. -- -- -- -- Wolf don't want coach Harbaugh are really like those -- -- that we of their relationship. And I you know in -- history and effectiveness. Does -- very good. Q did you get much interaction with the injury Belichick. I mean just on game day you know talking. What. What do you like about him. Just does his passion enough for the game and his commitment. And I think that goes along that he's just seemed like great guys here. We're mobile we're back home and home. -- showed that. That's the right fit. Mobility. Versatility that a quarterback needs. -- any position besides quarterback skills. And He. This had a very good fit you. Yeah definitely look down the coast along group -- guys. You know office so there are currently. Some those doubts in my spread offense -- me and you know drilled a lot. Obviously you're in the is better than. -- All the time for the right reasons. How do you go about -- returning your image. And you know your career loses a clean slate for me right now you know not college anymore isn't here -- look forward on it. You know I've I've been moved past hurry. Would like to be here so this your exams before it was just focus on the future. But that's something that you really had to address on what it will be inducted in the process I'm not so much. As much -- thing. I'm confident in everything Islanders yes all the -- -- confidence in him makes him yes. It's not so let's we do whether it. When you're out there for the local -- There were there any anything to happen if you. My mind just pictured here home. You know after the after workouts were over. You know cause well what it comes -- -- deuce court -- -- -- I think that was just you know a little -- also maybe you know maybe. My distances so that's about it and when your team as years -- just here's what we're did you live. Before going to -- it certainly has its -- -- bigger and Ireland via. Does it was that part. Is it. It was a win it was and it wasn't enough there's definitely I just that's how religion. Glad of that. Legitimize. You know it was also have to locals are well coached. For -- ability. So what you're we. The Jeff Garcia. Can you prevent me from your running back. Quarterback.