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Chronicle Conversation: Michael Huff talks Raiders' new approach



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Thu, 9 Aug 2012|

Safety Michael Huff talks with Raiders insider Paul Gutierrez about the team's new approach this fall and conforming to a more tradition NFL structure.


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We are here now that training camp with Michael Huff free safety for the Raiders. And Michael this is so much talk about the Raiders this new era this new regime. As a player who's been here since 2006 mean what. Physically what do you feel. Is new about this organization right now. Usually fill those structure from top to bottom there's that he knows you know who's in charge -- -- insane you know whose GM who's had a kind of person all the little things so it's kind of starts from the top and you're trying to trickle down us. How different is enemy for so long this thing was always that. In the NFL there's 31 teams and the Raiders you know and now seems like the Raiders you know would notice or stay with it seems like now the Raiders are kind of falling in line with Billy the other power structure in the NFL. And gotten -- for -- and all of it and only the first six years in my career I see no one you know mr. Davis and -- everything in life than you a solid -- I know also. But the new GM new head coach let's say they have a different structure things and yet for Williams continues to let us they were getting used to it now and is rated a brother went. How different is this camp now from from years past you know this -- 2006 I mean you're you're in now obviously nice nice place to be back but in terms of of how the organization is in and what's going for going on here from coaching techniques to signing in for meals I mean things like that I mean what tangible. Differences have you noticed. Just holed about a accountable and say I mean everybody. Get -- there should be Seymour or rookie that everybody feels the same standard of it is checking in on time you know the early in this that the failure. Earlier on time got time relate delay here you know. And the bad record -- They'll some everybody's so accountable on us over meter runners -- I mean distortion that finished the little things get done and hopefully so the points on this. That -- talking about the Raiders or as an organization and and with Al Davis who had been with the organization since 1963. I'm obviously there's Phillip Davis in charge -- with mark and he's been out here a couple of times but. Do you do you sense or do you feel his absence Al davis' absence here or is it just kind of business as usual. It's a business as usual and if they were still with the weather -- and so we know you know without mr. Davis you know there would be a Raiders -- -- -- Raiders so. And we can't and don't forget on that you saw -- move on little been you know plan you know player for the future you know under legacy. When you talk about the Raiders -- -- the legacy incitement to Eric -- talk about these big games whether it was the immaculate reception the sea of hands the holy roller. The -- game. Last year you were involved in something that people are still trying to name I try to come up with either the divine interception in the immaculate interception. Because we had ten guys on the fielding Houston. Oh win or lose on the final playing you stepped up Anderson to match up in that game in that play. -- -- you don't have time just reacting but what is going through your mind when you when you soak it all and you realize what's happening out there. All -- -- issue that is how my notes and yourself we had everybody out there was there was not so after the game I knew there -- I think you're going to feel a bit. I was there we that tend to stay up there with the so. I mean but it was just just a great play everybody was no we're supposedly on the without. Tom on you know pressure shot was that I would never know make the players so let let them to catch it and they get a win. So Jerome Boyd was kind of the the unsung hero I guess is he ran off the field is not realizing that he was supposed to be out there left it ten. What if there had been eleven on the field and you think -- is just one of those things you don't really have a an answer for that that's just kind of we are supposed to be the day after Al Davis passed away. I've -- as lifeless and everything happens for a reason they took him on the field we still made a place still warm again so I think. The numbers there's -- -- some to -- that. They're looking for this year in an offseason he said something that that. A legacy of really ruffled -- anybody can open up a lot of eyes he said you're looking forward to this year actually playing in a real defense what what did you mean exactly by them Michael in terms of is in the past with the rays are putting new you're going to be playing a 43 but that man pressure and just beat the men attorneys. Are really just playing a different schemes being multiple I say not never not loved the -- that is -- plus at my rookie year we were paying them to really tell defense that year in a more -- so. We have success nor did it -- task of changing officers involved with you spread offices things like that so. This is just different you know little multi variety you know -- directory for you know -- slow Moorestown that is doing different things at them enjoy playing in. And lastly. It's always a lot of irony on around here with the Raiders and with the Raiders signing Matt liner this year that was a guided the Raiders and Al Davis -- you're looking at drafting. In that spot in 2006 when they took Q. He's here now you're still here. Is it any -- that USC Texas and certainly playing that Rose Bowl form a little bit. How -- you know because obviously we won the game -- ladies and now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know try to reach common goal -- -- -- And that's the new goes to get a ring together as it flexible socialists only go. -- -- -- -- --

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