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Allen talks Watson at LT, Maiava's return, Pryor's opportunity



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Fri, 30 Aug 2013|

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Improve. As a football team and you'll see individuals improving. And I thought you know across the board we. We did all that. -- that. Results. Not aware of the. -- It's -- -- that second set and I really well look at that and give it my. My field that was very special type of plays and that's the way he. Submarines. To clean hits. -- with the blocked punt. -- was. Here's the I figured you write -- -- -- -- about David Bell argument. That a lot of guys are doing that you know a lot of players that have just been sending players in an improving players and great to see that hawkins' play was the highlight play. Was spectacular. Spectacular play me. And he -- that you know improve remain there and do. There. Yeah. I just don't like the decision not to play his heart out and you know. Such intelligent ball -- touchdowns that's. Obviously both well form. But it's you know it's a hundred players that position me. Feel real good about the receiver position right now. Well the way they work a little where they compete. As -- being around them as a group. So. Johnny Morton and receive coach of the amazing job I really. Really. The man off to the kind of job he's done coaching. Our group. It's where your place -- -- now feels good. Present you know they did you analyze it I thought he was he was good -- been here earlier in the one missed field goal was. We're awful that the laces were. Were in the wrong spot that. -- got spun. Stuff call what. We're. We'll have to. And put our heads together make the right decision. You know there have been alternating snaps. And then the last two pre season games Kevin was -- more sentence. I can happen. You want. They -- make the best evaluation can and -- This -- where we're doing that. -- -- Yeah I was surprised. That's. You guys are continuing playing football. Well that's the thing you know it's it's. Wouldn't share that you know the conversation but -- that you know was. His decision he. He felt strong about it and I. Was the talk people out of that you know. -- -- on game day but you know wish him well. And it -- -- Jim Mora more snaps tonight. That's just where it was left. And we had to live here. He's made a case of the doubt about it these -- minute these medications. Made an argument with -- play. Yeah it's. It is tough and then. And there's no doubt that there's there's there's guys -- -- -- -- -- that this is a -- overnight and that's but that didn't get excited about that. As the great thing to see. Youngsters improving as football players and you know even when it's. You when it's time to make the cut to 53 union picked the best. Players for your football team what gives you the best chance of winning. Then. That the opportunity squad it's gets picked as well. It's. That's not as I said it's. You know. -- remorse and that you feel your feel great that these guys have improved as football players in the -- helped themselves helped their families and you know with the self motivation. Be in the -- they can. -- take this thing and and and another opportunities here or somewhere else so. It's exciting time so I can receive that night I saw a lot of players get better. Over the last month than this this offseason and during these games and. Tonight. It's just fired him. Guys are count numbers you know just -- my opportunities and they go about their played their hearts that's. It's game's all about the opportunities all we're Serena. And your your employee of -- one employee yourself you know and no real -- your career. Let -- get hits and say in that and saw some guys make your case you know make an argument. Staking state your position so that part -- Mean. Past two starters five total that you could that can be done. And that it may happen. Match tonight and protect him Johnson plays than me that's. Canyon -- that you can't go up a it's -- just before every guru but. -- a player play like that. I would say all but -- that it will do all one time. Thought this is good good good -- -- do you. Do feel very uplifting.

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