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12.24: The Weekend Riff



  1. Doug Flutie1:30
  2. Alex Smith8:15
  3. Don Nelson7:30
  4. Mike Singletary8:37, 9:17
  5. JaMarcus Russell6:22, 6:27, 6:50
  6. Joe Orton2:27
  7. 49ers7:45, 9:44
  8. Al Davis6:49, 7:00
  9. Bill Romanowski1:23, 1:26
  10. Tom cable6:36, 7:07
Thu, 24 Dec 2009|

Insiders Matt Steinmetz and Mychael Urban preview all the Bay Area sports action this weekend.


Machine Generated Transcript

Hi everybody welcome to the weekend -- this holiday edition. Can't tell. We got our hats on five topics. Sports for the weekend Michael and I -- to -- back and we're talk about a quickly maybe make a prediction too. It was a big jump. For me I got pounded through restaurants. And I'm looking projections. It's just it's serious. And come back. And about Monday -- that we -- It's like apple bowl first USC Boston college at AT&T park. Tickets sold out. I couldn't get a big crowd -- it very well down because an advertising in the current rule more than. It. You have a promotion problem with. Actually it's been markets the only ball. Human experience. USC there you know and major players on the national scene anyway. What's gonna happen on the field -- Joe McKnight going to be playing there's going to be doing paperwork -- draft parents via sprint car. The other three players who are academically ineligible the trojans are yeah. Through deserve more routines that I think -- fans loved him ahead of myself. But I can't pick BC -- Well I was sitting here the other day and hurt Bill Romanowski talking about the game and myself Bill Romanowski just reminded of the Boston College. -- -- with Doug Flutie. And those kinds of players and I just remembered how much like Boston College in just don't focus of a program they are. So could go with the Boston College team believes the Eagles. And you know I like the Eagles and -- yeah. Eastern East Coast to coast but again Trojan fan. Yeah favorites in the games there more than seven and a they're the only -- exit was it was Romo completely and he absolutely won't so that's what. Sharks ducks. Sparkle hockey's the only answer and no leadoff and obviously they're bad blood here from video playoff. Ousting you've gotten -- But. Michael if you look back a week or so these two teams met. And it was not the joke the work needs and coming out party. What big effort for Joe Orton we didn't have to go 41 win. He's try to set the tone for the Sharks. Particularly when they split -- and you sort of thinking this. Four minutes ago and made her producers. Include. The terminology I believe this pre production meeting. And now we have one of those 25 minutes ago -- I head coach art. It is very testing program we expect him all the time but I arrogant jerks and there's there's another reason. The Sharks it's because when I was vacationing here this summer. It would be any heatley made his trade request. And so I was reading the Ottawa citizen and I so -- makes any heatley in the senators gas -- here. Yeah that didn't move to the Sharks and you know. -- he had been my favorite players so that's another reason you know that you story and no runs couple. I know what is. The newspapers EEZ come on these stories in sports for a month. I'm I'm not going to care oh Canada. Again today I got some hoops just there is simply he would. Take this off right now uses. We didn't talk hoops. So we do this win. -- you this what. Who. Talk a little Warriors sons Michael viewers -- lost six era over 87 -- because I've lost count. They lost the -- -- recently. -- and can. You tell me what's gonna happen. Oilers in the expects them to lose every once in awhile they remind you guys up there isn't good talent on the team. Adam a squirrel finds enough that it. There to do what they won eleven in December I believe that's correct yeah okay so you've got to win more than one game in the month of December. I'm thinking there own right yes. Fans supported him. Unconditionally for so long it only for about twenty years hit with -- one through appearances and that there. I just if you play the game -- right. There and of course I just -- routed through half expected him. Come back that should help. That's not -- I'm thinking dollars I don't think it's giving -- that I mean I'll take the -- think the Suns then just to be different yeah of course. Also the kings with the 35 point oh against the Bulls the other night Comcast sports that California it replayed that game Saturday. Classic game. The -- -- active blogger -- blog. The Bulls -- joked. They don't neighborhood doesn't. Great cookies. In the locker room from when I understand. It means that -- But that was just his third. The record is acres next well that's the record that's the only. Come back that large it's been record. Right that is theoretically there couldn't. But 36 point comeback Jazz career era 36. Minutes backing corps as opposed to being. Down 36. Innings. In my opinion and pressed. Speaking of Austin. You actually doing pretty close quarters so I am totally honest yeah. Raiders played well. I tell -- something. -- -- This is a slap in the face to JaMarcus Russell they're gonna start this -- -- JaMarcus Russell. The winner is what should be known -- What he did last week. And imitate Tom cable. Yeah definitely done because. What's this what's. It. Does help us. It was western markets Rockies series -- Al Davis wanted to JaMarcus Russell play you beat -- Billy Beane. Wants Jack -- to play shortstop would you keep plays those runs their squad Al Davis does not want to market play. That sports markets it's got nothing to do you know this is Tom cable and this is in subordination. And he knows. -- how projector time. I'm hot and I really can't. This guy should be JaMarcus Russell the winner but what are. Wonder though in the last -- -- he's -- one and turn right at the I've gotten leads the NFL and saying my only real quick -- Don Nelson get the win keeps Marcos pool game. It -- Friday started -- what you're doing Toomer does not jamarcus lose. Close. Yeah I think it say 49ers alliance. Wouldn't it. And it's it's hard that. It's hard to do with the lines and any game. And I think that slobs but niners it's done. They're gonna come back -- it's that they're playing for it it's added it's going to be considered considered -- -- -- violent games but. It's players do well to but and so. I'm going winners and Alex Smith winner. -- but I think. Everybody's kind of saying well forty -- win their last two games and finish 88. This sport. If I don't finish 88 and -- the Detroit lines between seven and and we're six and then. You gotta start say maybe. Wet themselves the Mike Singletary Ortiz and. Maybe for a little too law -- too soon I think you have to get at least one more here mean for all intents and purposes businesses through years ago. He's got a lot what are you obviously the law -- big part of -- and coach in any professional sport. But he's got a lot to learn about game management please go learn about everything about coaching in the notes that make that transition. So I don't. Don't think your rates it wrong now but. Eight name even I think really it's a massive failure check your last season says our our run this season ending -- well. Is can be done next year Mike Singletary tuchman division title. We're gonna win it didn't happen this season. You're what your record didn't make -- wanna -- you -- to -- problems you're going to. Season. That this. I've been it will help make this prediction. It's not like to follow buttons to -- My oldest daughter -- Besides wouldn't. This is breaks but we like 49ers. -- lives. What's afforded him. On -- you're. Are actually critical lies and one of the guys we -- everybody happy I'll. It. I whom we we don't want it wrapping up thanks for joining us Scioscia said there. Agree we can --

  1. to go to Saint Louis and. It worked out I had my things happen. When I got them back that is pretty happy and they don't McKnight hit. And I'll leave that to us but it's kind of fun winter me. Love match that you would like to see inning he keeps

  2. their team We just knew that we had to be done really well and that we had so you. Push the ball get up tempo. And a lot McKnight came out to an early eight snacking lead star Matt you led the team with 27 point. Talk about this year's team how are you

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