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  1. You know I to the where it. Who wants to know retain their goal our goal is get to five before he goes in his vote we've we've taken and wanted a better time. You there's a lot of maintenance stuff yeah. It's. I mean you know he's just he just shares a moment of the ball coming his way. Yeah he's a

  2. It could wind for this football team. But first of all too happy end up with that in the within three will read I think with each other on the silence. We just had to close it came I mean I gonna make plays that you to make plays as well. No we had a few. I mean six occasions that we in a game that

  3. right back out there and and stop summoned in. No way they did a great job. They made a lot of plays interception by Tracy Porter was there. It was a huge play in the game. You know Mike Jenkins make any huge play in the game so. I thought those guys

  4. practice he's doubtful for the game cool uncle was limited practice he's questionable. Pashos to not practice doubtful. Tracy Porter was fool he's probable. And Watson did not practice he's doubtful Stefan was new fool he's probable for game so. That

  5. We just sort of reflecting on first and fifteen feet in. On he's been tough. We've grown we've definitely grown as a means from training camp. In pre season to do thinks that we this season mean wrong again better. Defensively as a team and we can only hope and who I mean you know on things that we

  6. These guys obviously did a really good job on defense early on they only had to settle for a field goal in the second quarter and then them. Third quarter he joked on the field here goes on that just talk about that play and that's scoring drive me to lure some of the breakdowns in defense there.

  7. s probable. Lucas nix was limited today he's questionable. To he's old Wally. Was full today he's probable. Tracy Porter was full today he's probable. Terrelle Pryor was limited again practiced today he's questionable. And middle Watson

  8. Raiders injury update: Porter's return stabilizes secondary


    Thu, 26 Sep 2013

    Tracy Porter suffered a concussion in Denver but was cleared to practice on Wednesday and is expected to play on Sunday vs. Washington.

  9. Sunday afternoon while he was driving to the team facility but he was back on Wednesday and expects to play. Quarterback Tracy Porter who suffered his injury during the third quarter of Monday's loss against the Broncos was also back in action. And having

  10. Porter : 'I'm good to go'


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    And I feel I'm excited to practice their man you know is still living on the you know. Standard precaution and wouldn't you know allowing them time and injuries it's so. Slow frustration I want to give back you know the team but it ended today the draft one this teachers so you know and just let

  11. participate. Jason hundred did not participate with a quad. CO was limited. Lucas nix was limited. old Wally was limited. Tracy Porter was limited to prior did not practice today. And Watson did not practice so naturally. The injury update. He's he's it

  12. Pryor not at practice; Porter , Sio Moore return


    Wed, 25 Sep 2013

    Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor was unable to practice Wednesday after suffering a concussion in Week 3 against Denver.

  13. concussion on Monday night. Cornerback Tracy Porter also suffered a one during the third quarter ..... now the really complicated thing with Porter is he plays more than one spot he played ..... might Jacobs has to have inside and Tracy Porter . Cannot go that you have a rookie DJ

  14. really not much still update as far as injuries are concerned throw prior obviously had concussion. Tracy Porter . With concussion also and it's in his old Is an MRI on his ankle so naturally penalty injury updates I have four years. Other

  15. Pryor, Porter formally diagnosed


    Tue, 24 Sep 2013

    Quarterback Terrelle Pryor and cornerback Tracy Porter both sustained concussions in the Raiders' Monday night loss in Denver.

  16. receiver Wes Welker and slot corner Tracy Porter these guys know each other well and have matched up several times Tracy Porter knows. Exactly what he's getting ..... because Wes Welker is so sneaky Tracy Porter actually called it slippery because

  17. Raiders-Broncos matchup No. 2: Porter vs. Welker


    Sun, 22 Sep 2013

    matchups to watch Monday, 5:40 p.m., at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Raiders CS Tracy Porter vs. Broncos WR Wes Welker Tale of the tape: Porter (23) : 5-foot-11, 188 pounds, sixth season, Indiana Welker (83) : 5-foot-9

  18. When you go into a game like this you kind of think. I don't think that amendment you live with it. Arm around quarter regularly there's always you know did have a pick. You wanna have that would be great to have more than one we don't have one hit Monday night. front a lot of crowd and from

  19. Raiders-Colts Matchup No. 3: Porter vs. Wayne


    Sat, 7 Sep 2013

    Raiders CB Tracy Porter has the strength and speed to keep up with Colts WR Reggie Wayne, but can he slow Wayne down?

  20. First so often I think unless that team last year to play off. Let him go and let him so different that you need strong arm got Smart guys can read defenses and moved to package. I mean you pretty much make all the throws so we. You know he's come into his second year we have to be sound in our