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Staley: 'It was important this week to start fast'


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Sun, 27 Oct 2013|

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I agree with. Yeah no I think it's great to be paranoid you know I think it's great to play and never. Never comfortable you know I always think about every worst case scenario. Before. So you don't have to react when it happened. Yeah we had a great game plan going in. And I were talking -- especially this week to start questioning your surface that we blew it. This week and we have a team that's. We're going against. Look for when you know and we've been a part of this team here together in the -- up and you know how that is you're just open for anything going your way early and -- countless momentum from them. Then it was a really important recruits are faster. And on the -- we can play and our overlook him. And Thornton. -- -- as good as your return to start fast -- its first four for four -- your points are. Yeah those are great call you know there -- doing a lot of stuff and thought as far as coming in movements such -- -- -- and we get down there and that's one of the things look at -- disease is the weapons you know with his legs as well and I just like running back out there and we -- -- -- -- -- blocking down field. Our -- here there's -- up a lot of defendant. -- Oppose a great time Nicole great rhythm corridors at the board to the points --

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  1. statements put. She's right on track for. You know some It. Some some some our week's. Nelson both tackles have Joseph Staley introduced search and great years. I was having their best years together in Davis definitely is just there's a lot of great

  2. gotta talk about why. Had they had Shakespeare but no good food in that country so I would I would like Frank Gore or or a word Staley to talk about that all the TV. Cooking shows haven't English fine. And they and they were supposed to take advice from their

  3. Thompson he came off the bench but when you come off the bench sometimes you clean up things like that Toney Douglas miss. Joseph Staley what you have a question mark then finished with a huge and don't look. Joseph always says don't go in this league or LA

  4. ribbing because of the overreaction. In their words to his injury count of the turf in screened at the top of his lines. Joseph Staley is fine no structural damage and the 49ers had ten days off before they play the Houston Texas stealing the 49ers are hopeful

  5. s up to the Texans it's like a mini bye week and really is and I think the biggest the benefit B Vernon Davis and am also Staley because he's not banged up he is I think the rest is always good and the rest after a win is even better they're back to

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    the Colts. On Sunday so yeah I'm up to me this is on the coaches this is on the players within the locker room big Justin Smith and Colin Capra can Joseph Staley . Time to rally the troops and there's a big one coming up on Thursday.

  8. that's where I was struck that's. She and to now here. The you know then Joseph Staley jumps in and you know locks him up and then. And somehow Joseph Staley gets gets personal foul called on them where. I looked I looked at it with my own

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  11. at Candlestick Park. Matchup number three left tackle Joseph Staley can't Packers outside linebacker Clay Matthews when those ..... Two and a half sacks when they met in the playoffs Joseph Staley got the better end of the deal and the 49ers of course rolled

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  13. Davis. Is another another man that had tremendous. Training camp. A lot of different levels. Collins and other guys. Joseph Staley had its first medal there yesterday about training camp. So let us. Pretty pretty good going along stretch without. Haven

  14. Also and those Through. Appreciate things quicker you know. Good so. Wrong. You're wrong we there all week this week so familiar consistency in Earlier I think we last year this season. if he sees these things and and definitely Now thinking you guys made some history and your situation. So

  15. Thursday night remained back in Santa to to get treatment there and they didn't show up here at Candlestick Park. Joseph Staley Terrelle brown were them. Safety Eric Reed heat pulled himself out of practice on late in the the forty hours practice session

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    There's nothing in particular. School football coach will no longer. Happens. He really. It was remarkable career. both and we focused. My friends do. What very good pre stroke. With the way. He present football tournament. But there's. He's good team he taught me. Our coaching AT&T park on

  17. The 49 old line hungry for success and genuinely hungry they've been on the run through down. A lot of piece together. The key word together starting five returns intact from last season good for football and yes good for bonding. I think the one thing where you are alarms and a brotherhood so it's

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  19. There. It's carrier from last year's Rose or third year in the system sorrowful very comfortable. In order some things here and there is always kind of evolved as a as an offense and try to the curve. There are a lot of cure for that last careers and our guys that are stand. And turn the masters

  20. field the same time. And they can give each other feedback they can help each other beyond at all and Smith can help but Joseph Staley dual quarterback. That's all rounder Carlos Rogers can help the wide receivers I mean it's it's a good time it perfect